Monday, August 31, 2009

Doodles cont.

I have some of you that are almost ready for the cartoon college. Just gotta finish some stuff this week and I will be more communicative.
If I've given you positive comments on your construction studies, try next:

Your own poses of classic characters that you have studied

composition/hierarchy studies - click the labels - you need this to do layouts


Ian Andersen said...

Glad the sudden influx of doodles to the site is continuing, funny stuff can't wait to see it move.

I just got my Popeye Volume One and am craving more great Fleischer stuff, but I noticed on your amazon store you don't have any Betty Boop. Any recomendations? Nothing looks from the box to be as high quality as the Popeyes, and I'd hate to end up with episodes that they DVNR-ed the fun out of and I'd hope to find something with pre-code episodes. Thanks a bunch!

Joey Lee said...

Those poor bees. Hilarious stuff.

I've posted a few more studies on my blog. Here Thanks!

Forbidden Hippo said...

Hey Mr. K, if you are ever at a loss on what to write on this blog one day, I would love to hear your thoughts on Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Charles H. said...

I've been keeping an eye on the Heartaches girls for a while, and I can't believe how appealing they are. Even as doodles.

I recently posted a couple of studies, let me know what you think-



Anonymous said...

Disney bought Marvel :'(

Paul B said...

The branch of that tree is brilliant!!

it's perfect, is a great caricature from a tree branch, it's also very appealing and funny.

Everything what a cartoon has to have

Dia H said...

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Taco Wiz said...

The first two are funny, and the third one is adorable!

Nat said...

Thank you for you comments on my drawings John. They are greatly appreciated.

I've done some more studies since yesterday however I've struggled with proportions significantly so will only send you a link once I get the issues worked out.

Going to go back to basics for a while.

Keep up the doodlings :-)

Alishea said...

Love the doodles, been following your blog for a little while, and am curios about this cartoon school you have going on the side...mind indulging me? pretty please?! :) I'd specifically love to know how to join to learn more about cartooning from you? Thank you!
Alishea Gibson ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi John, while i was on vacation i caught Uveitis in my eyes & i couldn't see, let alone draw, so i didn't do as much homework as i had intended...trying to catch up though...

Watching Pete Emslie was REALLY helpful!

Love your doodle posts too!

bakshi etc

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Cool enough John!

But when you have time, I've done some more stuff, some Bugs stuff, and some of my own characters, I've done after I did all the construction...

And good luck with the thing you have to take care of:P
- Thomas

TJ said...

Hey Mr. K,
I've added a lot more exercises. I'll try some of my own poses next. I've got to admit, I didn't know how much the copy exercises would help, but now I really think they've helped tremendously. And they're actually kind of fun to do. Thanks so much.

Brien Barrios said...

Hey John,

This is my first time posting my cartoon studies and here is the link:

Brien's Cartoon Studies

If you could check them out and let me know what you think that would be great. I am interested in your cartoon college. Thanks.


Alishea said...

HEllo John!
I've posted a few of my sketches following a few of your technique suggestions. I would love for you to look them over and get back to me about studying under you.
Thank you,
Alishea Gibson

Blog link:

Joey Lee said...

Hi John, i've posted some Eisenberg/post comps, as well as some donald poses.


Gary Wintle said...

Nice pretty girls, John.

I feel like I'm having problems with drawing decent eyes. Do you have any posts about this topic (of the non-tit variety)?

I'm moving back to Japan in a few months and hope to apply your valuable teachings to my work there.


My Blog

Jens said...

Unrelated but check this out:

Painted Jetsons Pictures

John said...

Always good to see new drawings of hot cartoon babes!

Heres some new stuff

Anonymous said...

Here are a couple more:

new studies