Sunday, August 16, 2009


Here's my pal Matt Danner giving the silent movie comics a run for their money.

I've known Matt since he started at Spumco as an intern as a little 6'5" teenager. He started by answering telephones (probably foul-mouthing our clients), quickly became an inker - he inked some of my animated scenes on Boo Boo Runs Wild, then became a layout artist and animator on many Spumco commercials and Weekend Pussy Hunt. Matt was the fastest learner I think I ever met. The #$@%&%#!

He is now a big shot front runner for the 27th New Looney Tunes, but he's also wiggling his way into live action. Another famous animator plays an important role in this picture, so keep your eyes out.

These were edited by the multi-talented Eric Bauza, who you will see more of real soon.

And here is a much grosser one:

You can go vote on them here too:

Shocking Vomit Brawl