Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Don't Want To Spoil The Party

If you are both a Beatles fan and cartoon fan, then this is for you!One of the things I love about The Beatles is how they can paint pictures with their songs. Highly emotional ones! One of my favorites - which always made me miserable if I was going through a breakup- was "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party". Don't listen to the song if you are sad right now.

It makes you feel exactly what it's like to face other people who are having fun while your ex is there also having fun.

Well Kali did a comic about it. You should play the song as you read along. It's her first comic, and you can see with each page that she is getting more adventurous and confident. I love that cute colorful page above!



TedM said...

This is a cool comic. Because I'am a huge Beatles and Cartoon fan. In fact that's how I got into The Beatles was through there 1960's cartoon. Go figure huh?

Pilsner Panther said...

Are the Beatles posing like the heads on Mount Rushmore in this picture on purpose, or is it just a coincidence?

One of you hotshot artists should do a Beatles-Rushmore thing, based on this. I'd do it myself, if I could draw.

I grew up only a few blocks from the Dakota Apartments, and it scared the crap out of teenage me when John Lennon was killed. You'd sometimes see John and Yoko walking around the 72nd Street shopping district, just like regular folks. I never said a word to them— I figured that they'd rather be left alone.

The terrible mistake they made was trying to live like regular folks... only they weren't, and never could have been.

RIP, Mr. Lennon. And Mr. Harrison.

Pilsner Panther said...

P.S., I forgot to tell Kali that I like her artwork and I'm looking forward to more.

Oh, and you know who else I used to see around the Upper West Side in the 1980's? Tiny Tim.

Now, there was a musical genius! Ahem ahem ahem...

Tony DiStefano said...

Theres no one like the Beatles. Bob Dylan once said that they were so easy to listen to and man was he right.

Lluis fuzzhound said...

I'm an Rolling Stones man myself... hehehehe

Kelly Toon said...

here is a recent blog post from Big Hollywood called, "What the Democrats can Learn from the Beatles." If you don't care to know that part, just skip the last few paragraphs. The rest of it is a nice history lesson about the beatles.


Peter Bernard said...

Someone should publish a Kali comic book.

Gerard D. de Souza said...

Beatles For Sale is my second favorite Beatles album after Sgt. Pepper's. It was apparently recorded in a hurry for the Xmas '64 market but it sure doesn't sound it. Half covers, half originals, all sound fresh and the Beatles sound tighter than previous.
I heard the album alot as a kid but was given my copy by a server at a local coffee place a few years ago. She apparently brought it in for some young customer who bought a turntable and he didn't show up. Not knowing this, when I showed enthusiam and expressed my nostalgia for the album, she just gave it to me. She expressed not caring about material attachments and sharing makes her happy because I was happy. I promised I would treasure it and do, all fourteen songs in glorious mono. I drew the woman a card with caricatures based of the old cartoon Beatles show saying , "Thank You, Girl." and a CD with the songs.