Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Some Notes on Kaspar



Roberto González said...

Was this supossed to be one of the storylines you pitched at Dreamworks?

How would this work in an animated feature? I'm curious.

It would be really interesting to see an animated movie that doesn't rely in the usual Disney-esque emotional messages.

Probably a concept like this in any major studio would end with Kaspar becoming a good citizen at the end. I wonder how the story would play in your hands, for a feature. I really liked "Life Sucks" concept for a Ren and Stimpy movie, it seemed strong enough for a feature. With this one I'm not so sure.

There has been some of those I guess but they come mostly in the serious independent type, not in the funny accessible type.

Bob said...

that picture with the bee and the lightbulb is filthy haha

i like this character and story. Is the bear russian because the link had a picture with his name spelled in a weird font. Anyways, kaspar is an asshole like artie lange/john bellushi i like that. I can't wait to see the rest of the characters. Also you prob seen this cartoon, but nu podogi kinda reminds of the style of the cartoon if u ever catch the series episodes 1 and 3 or must sees. Keep it up Mr K!

Diego said...

Amazing. I really dig the character desing. Also loved the thing about wetting stamps in his armpit. I actually pictured that in my mind with your drawing style and laughed. Just imagine if it was real!

HemlockMan said...

I liked the pitch and description better than the actual toon plot.

JohnK said...

I haven't posted a "plot" yet.

A.M.Bush said...

haha, I like the list of stuff that it does. i think this would be funny. Do you have any more drawings of it. I wanna try to draw kaspar doing that stuff for practice. thanks

Sven Hoek said...

I like the twist on Yogi Bear. With the rangers as the bears, that's funny.

Great part is, he is so big that no one can stand up to him they just have to take the abuse.

Just watched Fire Dogs 2 again yesterday, that thing is so disgusting, I loved it. Old Ralph is hilarious! Its the only time in my life I have watched a grown man take not one, but two big "cwaps". Never felt like laughing and puking at the same time in my life. The New Originals rock. You said that it was from direct experience, so did you watch Ralph Bakshi take a dump?

And I noticed that you did commentary on the 3rd 1/2 and 4th+ seasons of the Ren and Stimpy show DVDs. I would almost buy those just to hear what you said, but some of those episodes are a little lame.

What did you say on those commentaries John?

Cotton Gin said...

I really like this idea. The show has a great premise and rural Europe is a place that is almost never used as a comical location. You should convince Ralph Bakshi to do a voice for the show.

By the way; I am very disappointed in Fedor and his choice to go to Strikeforce.