Friday, August 21, 2009

Traffic School Doodles - The Heartaches

I did an online traffic school the other day that promised to be "FAST EASY & FUN!" which was none of those. I had to read a thousand boring pages of the same rules written 50 different ways, and inbetween each lesson they make you wait for 15 minutes or so doing nothing...just watching the clock tick slowly by! Aaargh. The whole thing took 9 hours. In the dead times I drew doodles over my notes.
Here's the main character from "The Heartaches". She's an ostracized "creative" just like you, probably. She draws, sings, plays guitar, collects dusty vintage toys and has imaginary friends.
Here are some of the other characters. She has a hippie Dad who encourages her creative pursuits and lets her play his vinyl collection of classic rock LPs. She also has a cat who eats bugs, birds, bats, rats...and manages her band.
Her Mom is the opposite of her Dad. She's a very serious career woman who hates all things creative and frivolous.
That's the generic version of Mom above. Then I thought, "Who has the look of someone you wouldn't want to be your Mom?"
And I remembered this horrible woman on HLN that has a news show that's all about abductions, murders and Michael Jackson. She's always yelling and pounding a gavel at her guests.
I think I'll go with something like this for the Mom. I'll have her use the gavel too at the dinner table to keep order in the house.

I have more traffic school doodles of Betty Boop and other crap. I'll post 'em later.