Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paul is Thinking Step by Step

Here's Paul showing a good grasp of hierarchy and building up his drawings step by step.
His proportions are slihlty off but he is understanding the important parts of the drawing: The life, the line of action, silhouettes, construction, etc.

The dogs closed eye could be more clear by making the closed eyelids thicker in the middle, and the eyebrow a bit thicker. Otherwise it's just a jumble of lines in that area that are hard to make out.
This is really good. A lot of people skipped this first step of separating all the big elements of the composition.

Where almost everyone gets tripped up on this one is in the details. The dust puffs, and leaves. They tend to flatten out the larger shapes and it takes practice to beat that.
Now the trick is to apply these concepts to your own drawings, which paul isn't doing yet. These have cluttered areas are cramped and features don't follow larger forms. Every detail seems to aim in its own direction.

Paul if you send me your email, I'l invite you to the college blog.


Daniel said...

Very nice work. I guess I'll have to stop and scan it throughout to show the steps.

Paul B said...

Thanks John!
will keep on practising and following the classes exactly

where do I send you my mail?

Paul B said...

BURRFF!! what an idiot
here's my mail

hahahaha, thanks again John!

Jeffrey said...


John, is Rob Zombie paying tribute or ripping you off? I mean, the comparison (in the design of the wrestler; not in animation quality) is uncanny.

Roberto González said...

I decided to give it a try, though these are still my very first attempts.

Click here.

This is my regular blog where I post my comic strips and stuff.

John said...

Lookin' good Paul!

I've done a new layout for ya John, if you'd like to take a look at it.

Davi Calil said...

congrats Paul..


Anonymous said... your workings like in math class - better to show understanding of the concepts than to simply reproduce an image. Is that fair to say, John?

I'm finding that even though i approach the studies by mapping them out/laying out large forms (same approach as life drawing), i tend to flatten things out with the cleaner line...practise, right?

study blog

diego cumplido said...

congratulations for my friend Paul! he's nuts about this blog! totally deserved!

Isaac said...

Nice job Paul.

Jeffrey, the Superbeasto film crew is broad and varied, having people with experience in Disney, Cartoon Network Studios, Nickelodeon, and Spümcø.

I think the film is a step in the right direction back to cartoony cartoons. If anything, it's too flat and doesn't look solid enough.

Bottom line, it's definitely influenced by the Spümcø style, but equally influenced by the Cartoon Network style, and it has some Disney and Nickelodeon influences in it too.

Pedro Vargas said...

I like how he gave a Elmer a more expressive look to his pose than the original. Really good job, Paul!

Pasquale said...

Congrats Paul!

Hey John, I must say after reading back to your oldest posts, your video post series breaking down construction was the best.

Felt way more personal like you are our awesome uncle teaching us about drawing.

They really help to drive the concept home; plus it's great being able to watch your own order of thinking in application.
You should do more of those!

JoJo said...

Hi John,

Here are some studies.

And here is my film where I tried to apply principles.

Daniel said...

Here's a study from today. Thanks for looking :)

Paul B said...

thanks everyone!

Gerry Stankiewicz said...

Hey John,
Here are a couple studies that i have been working on for the past couple of months.

I really enjoy keeping up with your blog and learning about cartoons.

ElmerFudd Study

George Liquor and Obama Study

Jimmy the Idiot Study

Sody Pop Study

Trevor Thompson said...

Darn ol' broken scanner.

Dan Becker said...
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Joey Lee said...

Congrats Paul! Your breakdown of that scene makes me feel like a slacker!

Hi John, here are some more construction studies i've done.

More Studies

essenmitsosse said...

I’ve started a blog, where I post my drawing exercises. Tried the composition again and also did some other studies. I really begin to notice, how much you can learn from them

essenmitsosse exercising blog

Mattieshoe said...

John, I've compiled some of my own drawings to find out if I'm applying any of my knowledge from the Preston Blair lessons to my own drawings.

Yeah, I've uploaded a couple where the principals are all but absent, but the concepts are nice.

I'd like to hear whether, even If I don't have all of the principals down yet, I have enough raw talent to be able to do something structured with my drawings in the future.

Thanks for taking a look,

Deniseletter said...

Congrats Paul!! Felicitaciones!!