Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paul is Thinking Step by Step

Here's Paul showing a good grasp of hierarchy and building up his drawings step by step.
His proportions are slihlty off but he is understanding the important parts of the drawing: The life, the line of action, silhouettes, construction, etc.

The dogs closed eye could be more clear by making the closed eyelids thicker in the middle, and the eyebrow a bit thicker. Otherwise it's just a jumble of lines in that area that are hard to make out.
This is really good. A lot of people skipped this first step of separating all the big elements of the composition.

Where almost everyone gets tripped up on this one is in the details. The dust puffs, and leaves. They tend to flatten out the larger shapes and it takes practice to beat that.
Now the trick is to apply these concepts to your own drawings, which paul isn't doing yet. These have cluttered areas are cramped and features don't follow larger forms. Every detail seems to aim in its own direction.

Paul if you send me your email, I'l invite you to the college blog.