Saturday, September 19, 2009

Musical Opening

1 Slides spatula under pancake2 toss up
3 spin
4 drop

repeatTempo speeds up, as dog follows actions, accents are stronger


contrast fun music to death march

Illegal cut


David R said...

Hey John,

I stumbled on this link of a bunch of Gene Hazleton cartoons from a series called "Angel Face." I thought they were worth a look if you hadn;t seen them.

Angel Face

Anonymous said...

Hey John did you ever talk with Ken Duncan about doing a cartoon? Also I downloaded a bunch of Eisenberg's Chip n Dale comics and tons more of his. They look great! Ever seen those? If not I can make a blog and upload them for you and anybody else that's interested.

Rick Roberts said...

What was up with live action backgrounds in this cartoon ?

Zoran Taylor said...

How is that an "illegal" cut? Too creative for a cartoon?

Ryan said...

Zoran: Crossing the axis/ 180 rule. It's one of those rules you can break but you should always know that you're breaking it.

ThomasHjorthaab said...

Hey John, I've done some new constructions...
But I forgot how to make the clickable link:S

But I still hope you'll take a look.

How's it going with the book?:)


Zoran Taylor said...

Ryan - Yeah, I can see how that works now. But it's not even close to the weirdest cut Clampett ever did. I'm grinning right now picturing him as live-action director: "CUT! *turns the camera two degrees* ACTION!"

Anonymous said...

David, that was me that uploaded those years ago.

Great post, John. Cartoons are allowed to break these rules, most films aren't.

Unless you're John Ford in Stagecoach.

Toy Man said...

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David R said...


I should have known it was someone who lurked around on this site. Thanks for putting those up. How long did that strip run?

Daniel Huertas said...

illegal cut works! :)