Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I Hope The Beatles Change The World Back

Here's a trailer for a new Beatles videogame. The animation and design is great! Very clever. I think it's by the guys who make the Gorrilaz videos which are really good too. (I saw a good copy of this that someone downloaded to their computer - anyone know where to get that? Send me a link!)

here's one:

I hope the game is a big hit and helps bring back the idea of melody and that music can actually be pleasant to the ears.

I am a huge fan of the Beatles and their music actually influenced my storytelling. I used to study the structure of their songs and performances to figure out what made them so exciting and full of surprises.

Even their sad songs are somehow fun - though if you have a broken heart you wanna kill yourself - but you still listen to them anyway.

We need an entertainment revolution. Maybe the kids who buy this videogame will get turned on to entertainment that's pleasurable to the senses.