Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Audrey by Howie Post

Here's a swell Howie Post comic from 1959. I'll write my observations later.
I love the cartoony way he draws props and furniture. It's like that dresser is infused with life force, just waiting to be turned on so it can start bouncing to the music.

I miss the promises in ads aimed at kids. We always used to say: "It must be true, or they couldn't advertise it!"
Man did I wanna watch this show, but we didn't get it in Ottawa, so I just imagined all the American kids growing up with advanced culture and us poor little Canadian kids growing up to be backwards ignorant cavemen who had to make do with hockey and Rocket Robin Hood.Harvey comics made their success in cute-ifying the most sacrilegious medieval demons, succubi and unwholesome monsters. All these artists would have been tortured into confessing they were witches and burned at the stake if they had lived a few centuries ago.

Can you see old Martin Luther sitting on the pot reading these and cursing out these lovable comic demons?