Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Comparing and contrasting 2 appealing cartoon approaches.
These are 2 of my favorite cartoonists. They are both working in someone else's "house style" but are each bringing their own touch to the comics.

Howie Post's style is made up almost entirely of 40s animated cartoon shapes and supplemented with his own abstract design quirks.

Owen Fitzgerald's style looks on the surface also to be a 40s animated cartoon style - but it is enriched with acute observation of life and more traditional (non-cartoony) drawing skills.

More to come..

Oh and thank Eeva for sending in this gem of a family from the Ozarks


Anonymous said...

I think it's really coincidental that I had to watch The Road to El Dorado a few weeks ago in my history class, along with Mulan and Robin Hood, and yesterday I even watched a little bit of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Amazing how I keep seeing that exact same guy design in almost every one of those movies, especially for a lot of the incidental characters. You could have sworn that they were all from the same movie! I definitely get your point about stock characters now that I've seen it for myself. You'd think that something new, fresh, and creative would come about, but that almost never happens with any of these feature films. For shame.

Anyway, I can't wait for that post you're going to do later on Post and Fitzgerald. Superficially, they look completely different, but they both share common drawing principles, including clear poses and composition. I wish that someone would try making a feature film in Hank Ketcham's style. That would be really fun.

Taber said...

HAHAHAHA! That comparison picture is HILARIOUS!

Niki said...

That bottom picture is now my webcam on DA. I hope no one goes to see either film again.

RooniMan said...

I love both Fitzgerald and Post.

As for the bottom image, I got the feeling they ripped-off Dreamworks, but then again, most people nowadays do.

talkingtj said...

how come there are no more comic books like this anymore-when did the superheroes take over? ever since harvey went out of the biz no one has picked up the mantle-yeah are kiddie comic-too few-but none of them are as entertaining and original as the harvey stuff-dark horse has been reprinting them but its not the same. some other company recently did a comic with wendy, hot stuff and casper but re-did them as goth kids. really? no one likes the innocent fun stuff anymore? cest la vie.

JohnK said...

I think kids would love stuff like this. The problem is getting it into the mainstream corner stores again where regular folks can find them.

You can only buy expensive nerd comics now aimed at a tiny segment of the adult population.

Bill said...

Its off topic, but take a look at these new re-designs of the Looney Toons cast John:

Say what you want, but I don't like em.

Elana Pritchard said...

Kids would- trust me, I work in a preschool. Whenever I bring in anything cartoony they flip.

Scrawnypumpkinseed said...

Holy hell! They're so similar!

The horse looks identical to the horse in "Tangled"