Thursday, June 24, 2010

Warmups: Caricatures / Heart Throbs

I haven't done caricatures in awhile, so I thought I'd warm up by doing some of the current teen heart throbs.
Because you never know when Jeffrey might call me in to design the latest romantic emos for a picture.
As you can see, I'm out of practice.
I don't really know who these people are, but they certainly have interesting heads.
I love this head. I have been fascinated with it for some time now.

I recommend a generous diet of caricaturing for all cartoonists. It is a great way to break away from formulaic character designs and shapes because it forces you to take in new information that isn't already stored in the part of your brain that houses the stock animation shapes library.

These are what I would term "realistic caricatures". They aren't very cartoony because I am out of practice and I have never done these folks before. Usually what happens is that the more I study a person and the more I draw them, the simpler and more distinct they become.