Sunday, June 13, 2010

Owen Fitzgerald Camera Angles

Owen Fitzgerald can stage scenes from any angle and make it look easy.
In this Dennis story about the family playing pool, every shot is a new angle.
Drawing poses of someone playing pool would be tricky enough even left to right, but Owen does it from every possible perspective, seemingly without effort.
And he still manages to make the posing look natural and balanced.
I wonder if the reason Owen Fitzgerald is not better known is that his work does look so effortless. It's incredibly subtle and sophisticated drawing - especially for cartoons - but you almost don't notice just because he makes it look simple.
Lesser artists are much more heralded and imitated than Fitzgerald - like the Archie artists who mostly draw everything left to right and can only draw wooden profiles, front views and 3/ views.
It's even more remarkable that he can solve all these difficult drawing problems- and do it in another person's style.
This is the kind of guy you would want heading your layout department.