Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Composition 5 - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT CONCEPT! Negative VS Positive space



Cayen said...

These are very awsome. I've been printing them out and putting together a small packet of stuff. Then trying to apply it to my drawings for both my comics and sketches.

I cannot say thank you enough

Kitty said...

I was taught about this in art class. :D

xtracrsP said...

JohnK, have you by any chance read the book 'How to Draw comics The Marvel Way'? Mot of the stuff you refer to (exceptions of colour theory) on your blog is covered in that book-construction, composition, plus inking, perspective...etc. Given that I have had this book for a while and it's readily available (amongst other similar ones no doubt), why do you think that professionals don't use these techniques? They MUST have come across the concepts before in their training. I'm asking you because you work with these people (professionals), and my prior assumption was that they followed these guides, but you point out that many don't.

Anonymous said...

i've had problems with negative space before. the clear silhouette concept helps me with that.

Serge said...

Hey...Looks like youre not giving up yet after all. I discovered you can download some betty boop and merry melodies cartoons at of them have a really high quality so you can study the drawings on them.

JohnK said...

>>JohnK, have you by any chance read the book 'How to Draw comics The Marvel Way'?<<

I have it, yeah. It's great for superheroes.

I think it's easier to understand some of the concepts the way I present them with simpler (less detailed) cartoon drawings. Hopefully it would be easier to absorb it.

But John Buscema is of course, excellent.

Anonymous said...

"I think it's easier to understand some of the concepts the way I present them with simpler (less detailed) cartoon drawings. Hopefully it would be easier to absorb it."

It is, yeah. I think that's what is so great about your lessons. That you can make the lessons so easily accessible and clearly put that everyone can benefit from them no matter what your art style is and who your influences are.

Cayen said...

it seems that if your learning from John's lessons then easily he is an influence. I'm going through ALOT of changes when it comes to color theory just from his lengthy discussion on the subject....
I'm hoping to have some are that is less...umm how did he put it once...Candycane lane :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing your posts on composition. I can't thank you enough for these posts.

Kevin Langley said...

This is something I haven't paid enough attention to. These panels make it real easy to understand the concept too. I think all of Kurtzman's Pot Shot Pete comics illustrate this concept perfectly. Time go study each of them. Thanks.

Robert Hume said...

That "Ride the Dark Duck" shirt has to be one of the coolest T-shirt designs I've ever seen! I'm totally buying that thing!

Thanks alot for posting more of your lessons John!!!:)


sean said...

hey i have some things i posted tonight that have really been influenced by your posts. especially the color.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! i'm riding the Dark Duck ASAP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, negative space is very important and too often neglected. Thanks for posting this.

By the way, John, did you get the email I sent?

Craig D said...

Yeah, boy!

You know, you don't even have to be a cartoonist to benefit from the proper use of negative space. Do you make CD inserts? Power Point presentations? A poster for your yard sale? Then negative space is your friend!

Seriously, look at these sort of things in your day-in, day-out mundane routine and notice which designs are attractive and easy to read (as in "read") and which ones aren't. You'll be amazed.

(Now, if only I could get this concept into my skull when I'm drawing!

Peter said...

How many more of these composition lessons are there? I'm making an uber-guide pdf for myself and friends collecting these, the composition lessons from ASIFA Hollywood, The Preston Blair Lessons, and the disney comic strip composition guide. I'm just curious how many more updates I'll need to make as lessons are posted. Thanks sir!

The Lar said...

What is this I read on Eddie's Blog that your thinking of stopping your blog? Who are these people that would rather go to some saturday morning studios?Are they in it for the money or the love of the craft? sad sad sad
-Hey take me under your wing-I'v turned down ridiculous opertunities years ago to be in a major studio or some video game companies who are huge today-Cuz Im part idiot and part stubbern artist- Always rootin for the underdog I guess-If there is any room under your wing Im pretty darn loyal

Anonymous said...

When it comes to negative space, the Tao te Jing puts it best:

We join spokes together in a wheel,
but it is the center hole
that makes the wagon move.

We shape clay into a pot,
but it is the emptiness inside
that holds whatever we want.

We hammer wood for a house,
but it is the inner space
that makes it livable.

We work with being,
but non-being is what we use.