Saturday, May 17, 2008

I need a Background Designer - some 60s house reference

with experience!

I'm starting to design key sets and environments from the show.

The George Liquor show takes place in a 60s style world. Mainly a lower-middle class environment where decent folk live.

His neighborhood would be made up of houses not only from the 60s, but dating all the way back to the 20s and even earlier.

Here's some ref I found on the net.
I would want a designer who doesn't merely draw stock cartoon bgs, but someone who is really interested in the way things really look, and likes to caricature them.
Someone who likes to do research and go outside to get ideas from the real world.

of course I would want them somewhat cartooned, and I'll put up some cartoon reference tomorrow.


Erin said...

If you're looking for vector art with a bit of texture, Steph Laberis is pretty good. I'll ask her if she's available.

Mooshe said...

You basically just described this girl I know named Becky Dreisdadt! I understand the value experienced artists, but she's a recent grad and needs to start the experience somewhere. C'mon! Can't let talent like this work for Dreamworks!

JohnK said...

yes, she's quite talented.

I especially like her paintings and colors.

Fuzzhound Lluis said...

Hello John.

I know I'm not experienced in Animaton but I'm gonna have a crack at a street scene, I'll try to caracturize the photos you've posted up, they seem like fun things to draw, I'll work on it this week, been looking at Wacky Races Backgrounds, I think they are awsome, simple but look real at the same time...I'll let you know when I have some up..
I hope I'm not wasting your time!!

James Sutton said...

A huge coincedence!
I was gonna go outside today and draw peoples yards and houses..

But my parents are taking me to some lame restaurant.

And then I was gonna use them as backgrounds in a rotoscoping experiment I'm about to make.

May I suggest Casey Mitchum?
I'll post a link to her stuff as soon as I can access my real computer.

Paulrus said...

Hey John. If you're looking for someone with industry experience I've got a friend who's an ex Disney and ex Cartoon Network guy. He's into producing now, but he has access to a lot of talented people.

Email me if you're interested and I'll put you in touch with him. You may already know his brother - he's currently directing the 2D feature at Disney.

My email is pgriswold (AT)

James Sutton said...

That chicken was great..

Casey is at

B Beach said...

Well, I'll pitch myself again. I have some recent experience in animation background design. I'd like the chance to do and learn a lot more. I LOVE doing mid-century style stuff and this project really appeals to me. I have a lot to learn but would love the chance. Here's some links, thanks John!

Beijing Backgrounds

Clean-up Claire

Wells Fargo

Pig Places

Faux Paw

JonnyPlank said...

Uh... Yo.

I've been working on that scenery style, looking at examples f what you've done in the past, so I don't look completely out of whack with your work. I finished a lot of George Liquor drawings, and I've posted a few, if you want to look.

I've decided that, even if I don't have a chance at getting hired, it'll probably benefit me as an artist, to take such a focused interest in things.

Anyways, look at the entry, if you want: My Blog

Fuzzhound Lluis said...

G'day John!

I've just posted a painting of a caricatured house I just did today, if you would like to have a look you can see here
had heaps of fun with it so I'm gonna do some more!
see ya!

DG said...

please, take a view on my work

Mattieshoe said...
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Guy said...

Is mattieshoe for real?

Captain Napalm said...

Ah, it still pales compared to Treehouse of Horror IV's tribute to Nightmare Gallery. It might be less lavishly painted but it has actual timing instead of that godawful stock timing that stretches the episodes to a certain length. Amblin Entertainment could never get the feel right, EVER.

Fuzzhound Lluis said...

Hello John

I have just posted some more landscapes for you to look at here, would be great to hear what you think.

thank you

Rudy Tenebre said...

... not in the indusstry, how'er longtime autodidact of things pertaining thereto... Don't wanna do your backgrounds, but, would like to broach again the topic of the Bakshi MM stuff you did: perhaps The Complete Works of John K. (a mid-ish career retrospective) to include the MM stuff and Beany and Cecil, all the lost bits... who'd put it out?... Seeing footage of you now, i witness a smattering of the later look of old Clampett hisself... that strange Orbison-Capote- pudgey an' prudent queen that Clampett looked in the end. Just in the hair mebbie... mebbie I'm wrong, John. But there's a story there with old Clampett and the way I see you... speaking of which, when relating your Bakshi exp. in the new vid, The moment when in relating these anecdotes you pause, suddenly inspired, and beat the wall (a knock at the door) I'm reminded of the footage of Avery mugging, of Irv Spence in the mirror, and even old Walt acting out the boards, all the greats baby, yer in there!

Elliott said...

Backgrounds ey??? I'm sure you'll get flooded with responses, but I figure what the hell. I'm currently designing bg's for an adult swim show called superjail! check out ma blog!

Frank said...

Hey John !
check it out !


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Hey John,

Are you still hiring Storyboard and Layout artists, or do you have everyone you need now?

- trevor.

JohnK said...

Yes I am. I need storyboard and layout artists with experience and who understand all the fundamentals I always talk about on my blog.

Line of action

all that hard to learn stuff

gideon kendall said...

hi, i'm a bg designer and illustrator with lots of experience, and i love your work.
the stuff on my site might not be exactly the style you're describing, but i'd love to take a shot at it. i also live in a neighborhood just like the one you're describing.


DonkleDuck said...

I think I know what you're getting at. I'll give a crack at it. How does one submit?

DonkleDuck said...

mattieshoe - after watching your selection, I am hoping that what you say as "this is an example of "Tiny Tunes" done right" really means "utterly wretched and awful."

But what do I know? I guess aiming old failed and forgotten TV shows to anyone over 40 to a 10 year old sense of humor equals brilliance.

How can I get into this animation writing business?

On the other hand, an old friend of mine who (shall remain nameless at this time) sucked at stand-up makes a great living writing for cartoons.

Where did I go wrong?