Friday, May 02, 2008

Storyboarding George Liquor- rougher, simpler drawings

You don't need to be totally "on-model" to storyboard my cartoons, but you need to capture the essence of the characters. The basic proportions and the attitudes. You can leave out details, as long as you have clear posing and acting and continuity. See how clear the silhouettes are too.

These links may help you if you are a storyboard artist and are interested in working on the show.


John S. said...

This is how I used to board before I started working at a certain studio. I'll try to re-learn this method.

Mitch K said...

Is this going to be animated traditionally, or in flash?

André said...

hi John,

I`ve done 3 George Liquor drawings.


Please, if you can, say something about those copies.


Roberto González said...

I learnt something about storyboards long ago and I tried to get a job in it later, but I wasn't chosen. Never really knew if the storyboards I send them were half-decent or not. Their standards were pretty odd anyway. I suspect the kind of storyboards you use are very different to the ones I have done before, and they actually look like a lot of fun. The ones you link there don't include technical indications such as camera movements or transitions. Do you usually use that or just drawings that tell the story, like in a comic book?

Car2oon said...

Another try.

George does things.
George vs Beer 1
George vs Beer 2

Also, yesterday's

It's also on this blog.

Thoughts John?

Roberto González said...

Incidentally I did read your post from April 29 that includes what it seems more conventional storyboards but also the Donald Duck short drawings that seems more like the Raketu ad thing.

The studio I tried to work for were the type of people who wanted the storyboards almost completely on model to use it in the final animation, so it was a pain in the ass.

James said...

Hey John, I noticed something about my George Liquor drawings. Everybody that I look at seems to be making the same mistakes I am, and George keeps turning out well, evil looking, it something in the eyes and how they are in relation to the hair and eyebrows. I know I'm not looking for a job, but I'm having a lot of fun learning Liquor. He's a fun character, but when you draw him, it's tough to make him look as fun as you do.

By the way john, do you have anyone in mind about who you might plan to hire yet?

Deemo said...

Here are my George drawings so far John. Tell me what you think about them. Sorry about the quality my girlfriends scanner sucks. Ill post some more drawings tommorow. Thanks

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Alright. I've put on a big pot of coffee and sharpened all my pencils.

Tonight I'm going to finish the Liquor drawings and then I will make a stab at storyboarding something with George. Don't work weekends, so I'll be pulling an all-nighter, but fuck it, I want the job.

If I'm not back in four hours alert the menial.

- trevor.

Neutrinoide said...

look at those "awesome" cartoon :P

Roberto González said...

I've been sketching, inking and posting my own doodles here , though I think I could do it a little bit better when I'm not concerned about my other work.

I don't know if you got the question I made in the other post but I was just saying that in order to see if we can make fast drawings for storyboarding, is it ok to post some drawings of our own? You seem pretty strict with the method of first copying the on model poses, but if we don't stop doing that can we draw some of our own once in a while? Cause I actually do a lot of free-style myself in my spare time and I sometimes use your characters.

James Sutton said...

Notebook paper..

Yeah that's how I likes it.

Fuzzy Duck said...

I love seeing these rough sketches. Even they are so lively.