Thursday, May 29, 2008

character Paintings

I like the brush technique in these top 2 paintings. They are very clean and crisp and each brush stroke has style. The colors are not too stimulating though, just basic primaries and secondaries.

The colors in the Flintstones ones are positively garish, even though the brush technique is good.

These colors are more subtle, although probably a bit dulled from the scans.

All these paintings are expertly done and very cartoony and fun.


Emmett said...

Do you have anymore Hanna Barbera paintings? I love those, and they are hard to find.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Who painted the Silly Symphonies one?

- trevor.

Dan said...

John, first of all, it was a very inspirational talk in 6PH yesterday, thank you very much! Although ur comments on the nowadays industry upsets me a bit, it is good to know it early, knowing what we are facing when we get out of school.

I have to admit I just found out your animation lessons online and I am totaly blowed away. MAN THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! i feel like i see the light for the is really not exagerating...I have brought the Preston Blair book with me to LA and decided I wanna study it well and prepare myself for the 4th year film. But when I actually wanan start it, I feel so lost and dont know where to start, and was really frustrated about it. Now I found out you actually have lessons guiding ppl through it (found out so late, SHAME ON ME!!!) FINALLY, FINALLY!!!!
I am wondering if you are still tutoring young animators online through their websites? I would really like to be a part of it! you are always welcome to visit my blogs and leave some footprint :P

Dan said...

btw, ur comment of get better before 24 freaks me out a bit since im gonna be 24 this year........................=_=||||it looks like I should catch up....

Anonymous said...

That clown painting is genius.

pumml said...

Lovely! Do those top 2 HB painting sets belong to you? I've always wondered how much more vibrant the original colors were on golden book paintings compared to the printed pages.

Fuzzhound Lluis said...

I love these John!!

Wish I could paint like that!!

All the best

Hryma said...

Hey John,
I had to come by and say that I painted a yogi scene in photoshop. I'm pretty happy with it is all.
And if you get a chance, would love you to check it out, at:

your mate,