Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pros Apply now

Storyboard poses can be kinda rough, like these funny Rex drawings. They don't have to be "on-model" but the artists have to understand his construction and personality. (the other characters too)

Each pose has to be :
Clear and distinct
In Character
In context of the scene and story

You have to be able to do rough BGs and good composition too.

BG Design-key layout setups

I would like to work with an artist or 2 to plan the key scenes of the cartoons-designing the main BGs and the most important poses. These key setups would then be given to storyboard and layout artists to fill in the continuity.
I'll be looking for good background design and composition.

Layout Character posing

The layout artists will draw the finished poses for the animators. These drawings have to be tighter than SB poses, but not perfectly clean. They have to be appealing, functional, tell the story and look like the characters and BE LIVELY.

If you have stuff to show me, then this week is the time to do it, because I am writing now and will be ready to board within a couple weeks.

I will happily give tips in person (or in photoshop sent in emails or blogged) to anyone who has their style and have been practicing getting close to the show style.

These 3 jobs require experience. If you are just breaking into animation, then I suggest you go for inking. I'll do a post about that soon.


It's gonna be a lot of fun. Once you can draw the characters well, I will encourage you to bring some of your own style to the show. No tracing model-sheets here.



John Ward said...

Hi John,

I'm not a pro. I hope it's okay to comment in this thread. I'm using this one because it happens to be the most recent post. That being said, I hope you'd take a moment to look at one of my samples here:
John Ward's Sample Background

David said...

I see what you mean now. I guess I'll try inking for now! I'll be posting some soon.

Craig Harris said...

Hey John,

Here is an animatic to a short I have going. I dunno if it helps but the first thing I ever worked on in LA was your He Hog show. I interned for you but ran out of money and had to leave LA. I would love a chance to work with you again. Give the movie some time to download. It isn't a small file but I think you will have fun watching it too. Anywho..there you are. My email is craigharris at piratoslocos dot com

Thanks for taking a look,

Sven Hoek said...

I'm beside myself with anticipation. I can hardly contain my joy about seeing a REAL George Liqour cartoon. I think I just peed a little.

flashcartoons said...

hmm inking sounds fun, ill wait to hear more about this

im still learning, so everything you want here, is probably to advanced for me

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...


So you're saying if we've never worked in animation or gone to school we shouldn't even bother applying?

I'd want to apply for any and all jobs just for the experience, but I think I can do storyboard and layout character poses. If not, I'll try inking.

At any rate, thanks again for this marvelous opportunity, John! I'll post my new storyboard and layout drawings very soon.

- trevor.

Nelson C. Woodstock said...

I did this little sight gag storyboard last night and was going to post it in the previous entry, but this is a better choice now. I don't know if that could be animated or not. :)

By the way, it was fun meeting you in person, and if we can ever do so again soon, I live 10 or so minutes away.

Alex said...

Pros? Well I'm posting anyway.

I'll have more later.

Anonymous said...


Can you please put up some models of Jimmy and Sody, along the lines of the George models?

Captain Napalm said...

I assume you mean you're writing an OUTLINE, right!

Haha....don't forget your motto!
All script and no board makes George a dull boy
All script and no board makes George a dull boy
All script and no board makes George a dull boy
All script and no board makes George a dull boy
All script and no board makes George a dull boy
All script and no board makes George a dull boy
All script.....

jaco said...

Hi John,

Digital inking is my middle name!!

Roberto González said...

Hey, John, I didn't forget about this. I'm just so awfully busy at the moment, damn it! I'll have more spare time from next week on, I guess.

I have a question: How do we know when we are "ready" to draw storyboards? Should we wait until we are very accurate with the on model copies first or not? Sometimes you seem to say it's mandatory to be very good with the character first, but on the other hand you ask mostly for functional drawings in that stage.

I am really not sure if I would be able to make something here but I'd really love to. I'll just say I have some experience in layouts and a very, very short experience in storyboard. Not much, considering it was long ago, but it's something.

I have a more or less long experience as comic strip artist (I draw a comic strip in a diary every week since 1998)so maybe that helps for storyboards...I'm not sure.

Anyway,hopefully I'll continue with my drawings here in a week or so...and in case you are interested I post my own stuff here. My work in storyboard/layouts is not on line.

jaco said...

Hi John,

Digital inking is my middle name!!

Gavin Freitas said...

Here you go John. On this site you will find animation, layout work, model sheets, character development etc. It's things from the past year so if you like it great, if not that's ok. Any commemt from you would be encouraging... The site is HERE

PCUnfunny said...

John, I'll shoot for the inking job. By the way, will it require photoshop ? If so, can make a tutorial for people who can't afford it ?

michael maglio said...

Hey John,

I've done a lot of animation design and digital ink & paint. You can check out some of my stuff here on my personal site.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll try may hand at inking.

Can't wait to see these cartoons!

Tommy said...

Here is George at a Funeral.

Alex said...

Here's some really rough ones.
I'll continue to post for a while. Thanks for looking.

phil T said...

I tried creating original poses based on the swimtrunks sketches you posted (Those are really funny by the way). Please let me know what you think.

Swimsuit George

Anonymous said...

John, will any of the members of your clique (Kali, Eddie, Vince, Katie, etc.) be working on this or will you be using all new talent?
Just curious...

R.A. MacNeil said...

I posted some here


Clinton said...

I am very interested in the upcoming inking post. I have studied inking techniques already demonstrated by Katie Rice and Brian Romero. Are you looking for inkers too?

phil T said...

Yes I'm Canadian... Is that a good or a bad thing?

Calamity Jen said...

Hey John,
I'm not a pro either (just a semi-pro) ;) but I'll take some inking if you want to kick it my way! I'll give it my best.

blah blah blog said...

i've posted some storyboards from my own story on my blog. the characters are similar stylistically, i think. check it out. i'd appreciate some feedback. thanks.

SARSON said...

Chickens and Beandip said...

I don't know how interest you be in this, but you did say you wanted to attempt a 3D something. But this company makes an open source 3D software and then they make short films under the creative commons lisence.

The new full film can be seen here,

You should talk to them. They are always looking for support and maybe you could convince them to let you take the helm of a new project.

This is the movies home site is the software site.

JOE said...

Looking for a BG position.....