Monday, May 26, 2008

I Need A Damn Flash Programmer

I had a couple guys say they were interested in making me some add-ons to make Flash more animator-friendly, but they have since vanished into the ether.

I want to develop some new tools to use on George Liquor and show off to other animators.
There's money in it.


James said...
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omgitsraven said...

Have you seen these?

Have to admit I haven't tried them personally, but stuff like 'edit in place' looks extremely handy...

Pseudonym said...

I wouldn't call myself a "Flash programmer" (more Max and Maya, really), but I've done a little bit of Flash 8.0 programming, both at the JavaScript API and DLL level, so I might be able to help out, or help you find someone who can. (It largely depends on how big the job is; I don't have a huge amount of free time.)

So if you'd like to shoot me an email with a rough idea of what you're interested in doing, I can take a look.

Bitter Animator said...

Doesn't Flash have an "animate" button? I haven't found it myself but I've had a few clients who were pretty much convinced that's how it worked. said...

hi john,

i am interested in helping you out. please explain to me what exactly you want on this site or mail to


Guilherme said...

Hi John,
I work as a Flash animator in a Brazil based studio and I use to make flash scripts ( jsfl ) for people there.

Tell me what you need for me to see if I can help.


Paulrus said...


Have you seen this?

Rather than re-invent the wheel, why not use a tool that outputs Flash, but is more animator friendly?

There's also this one:

I'd also be happy to talk to you about your project. I can import characters as SWFs and then rig and animate them in Softimage XSI - which has a vastly superior IK/FK system than any Flash-based animation program on the market. (or if you're interested in this approach and want to do it yourself, send me an email and I'll do my best to help you get up an running.)


joey said...

I have always liked using Toon Titan for my Non-Linear Flash animations. It has a setting for NTSC Safe colors. I also have seen some good things from the same people, like Nested Timeline Panel, that makes it a breeze for lip-syncing.

The website is here.

Also, from experience, there is a good Auto-Save Plugin that can prevent the loss of lots of work.

I, personally, think that Flash animation is a perfectly fine format for animation. It has the capability, in my experience, to do everything that "traditional" animation can--just without killing so many trees.

Flash is not the reason for bad animation; bad animators are.

Joey Carrillo
Lone Bannana Produtions

PeteyX said...

I've been doing the programming end of Flash for a long time now (10 yrs). What kind of stuff do you need?

mike d said...

We'll help!

owen said...

irrelevant, but- a cool trick for color styling you could try, john:

the flash color palette looks incredibly solid and computery. a good tool to use for coloring is to paint all the colors you want to use solidly onto single sheets of paper, scan them in, and use the dye function where you can dye your own uploaded jpegs as their own colors/textures. instead of clicking a color on a digital palette, you can mix and paint your own, less primary-looking colors. makes it look more like animation cels (if done correctly).

cool thing to play around with for sure.

dAN said...

hi John - I'd love to hear what you've got in mind. I've been programming Flash for about 7 years so please feel free to get in touch

cheers! dAN (

carlo guillot said...

I'm not a programmer, but I've found many links that can be useful to you. All of them come from Adam Phillips, the creator of Bitey castle, so maybe you can write him for more info. These are the links:
Adam Phillips
Your Pal,
Carlo Guillot

Brian said...

Hi John,

I'm a Flash Developer/Writer/Puppeteer. A few versions of Flash ago I co-wrote the official reference for Flash MX 2004.

I'd love to chat about the project, just give me a shout at brian [at] mrhogg [dot] com; I can provide a bunch of reference URLs.


CartoonSteve said...

Along the lines of "trickorscript", this guy has some time saving extensions - plus some info on CS4:

As far as inking, I wish Adobe would improve Flash's brush tool, and make it more like the one Brian Romero uses with Illustrator:

PIYUSH said...

Hey i can do flash programming ..But upto wat level u want it ..
Tell me the what exactly are u upto

queefy said...

I did another george :

Williaint said...

It sounds like John is asking for a programmer to make flash friendlier for animators (correct me if I'm wrong).
Would this make it possible for on-'canvas' snapping to path features, arranging the pivot points with no problems and easier animation over all by internal integration of programming?
Just a guess, and I'm definitely not the guy to do it.

johnf said...


Have you looked at Toon Boom's software lately? To me it is much more "animator friendly" than Flash, and you can export to .swf.
There is a camera built in to their software so you can pan and zoom many layers much easier than you can in Flash.
They also have some great tools for quickly scanning in batches of PAPER DRAWINGS ! ... (& no I don't work for them) .... but hey, they are Canadian !
I really enjoy your blog.

John Fraser

Corey said...

Just use Toonboom, if you got a spare $3000 laying around.

johnf said...

Actually Corey, if you are making a direct comparison with Flash, I think ToonBoom Studio would be the software John would buy and that is only about $300.
However, since John has written about how much he prefers animating on paper I think he should get a higher end program that does batch scanning, and vectorizes the lines quickly while preserving his original drawn lines. I think the program John should get is called Harmony. Based on his passion for paper animation, and the number of readers this blog receives, I think it would be in Toon Boom's interest to give him a copy of Harmony (with training) and see what happens ! I'm tired of hearing about "paperless" animation. It doesn't compare to drawing on paper with a real pencil.