Friday, May 16, 2008

She's Now Ready To Take On The Cartoon World

Well, Kali made it through 4 grueling years of Art School and still managed to come out able to draw funny.
Here's a couple of her fans oogling her wall of fun.
She's been spending the last couple weeks finishing some commissions of cartoon art for fans, but I'll bet you could pick up some of her cartoons if you get there before someone else does. They'll be worth a fortune one day! Get some while you can afford 'em!
Her first cartoon is a tribute to Roy Rogers, one of the great cowboy yodelers.
This is Kali at her graduation BBQ and pool party.


Go see more fun pictures at her blog.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Yaay! Congrats again, Kali!

- trevor.

Weirdo said...

Congrats to her. Not only are her drawings funny, but cute as all get out.

litlgrey said...

Cutest artist you've had since April March... is my guess!

Anonymous said...

That girl has pure talent. I know art is subjective, but if it could ever be said that someone is at the very top of the "realm" - Kali is it!
Now that she has the degree to go along with the talent, nothing will get in her way, and her future will be as bright as she wants it to be.

Go Kali go!


Sven Hoek said...

Congratulations!! You are smart, talented and really hot. You will be going far in life and I look forward to seeing your work(and I love it when you or John post pictures of yourself, did I mention i think you're hot)

Your drawings crack me up, keep up the good work.

Nico said...

good times! oogle oogle

Elisson said...

Congrats, Kali!

Great talent in a lovely package. You're cuter'n Sody Pop, you are!

the plummer said...

congrats kali! art school is a monster; glad you conquered it!

if i run into her again at sdcc, a beer on me for her accomplishment!

Nacho Larraín said...

Hello Mr. John. I am a big fan of yours from Chile, And I love the work you put making all those cartoons.

I have a question for you. I have seen new flashes and I would like to ask you sth.

How is it for you to work on that way, instead of the classical style of work?

I ask you because I really think that they are two different things. And I would like to know if you like making flash cartoons.

Greetings from Chile!

Ignacio Larraín

David Germain said...

Graduating from animation school is great. One thing we did at my school whenever we completed a year was to burn all our crappy life drawings (and other such sucky art we didn't want anymore) in a bon fire. It was very fun and very cleansing. Did Kali do anything like that?

Anyway, congrats, Kali. Go out and make this animation industry of ours hum again.

Larry Levine said...

Congrats, Kali!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrabulations Kali! May riches throw themselves at you. So what now?

Hey John, here's some more Georges. I tried to loosen up a bit like you said, and I think it's starting to work:


Josh Heisie

James Sutton said...

She's awesome.

Captain Napalm said...

Ah, gotta love those poses in the top drawing - especially the toucan....what characters are those again? I can't remember....

Yes, she is as cute as her drawings. It's been said before. But I'm saying it anyway. Call me. Seriously.

Emmett said...

Kali is amazing. I thought she had already taken on the world.

Congrats to Miss Kali. Her art is so amazing, it devastates me!

Jim Rockford said...



gideon kendall said...

hey, i'm an experienced cartoonist and background artist, a big spumco fan, and i think i can do what you're looking for. the stuff on my site might not be exactly in the style you're describing, but take a look. i'd love to give it a shot...