Thursday, April 12, 2007

George Liquor Storybible

George Storybible 2


Shawn said...

Slab n' Ernie are my favorite cartoon characters! They inspire me to shoot bugs off the ceiling each morning. I wanna see more stuff with them some day!

Mr. Semaj said...

I had no idea Jimmy or Sody were teens.

But man, I wish you had finished the webisodes at the time. I would've liked to see what kind of entertainment George Liquor was capable of.

j-man said...

hey John

it seems commenting was disabled on your Friday post, so I'll comment here.

I'm finding it extremely difficult to draw new, original, and unique cartoon expressions and characters with out them looking somewhat Spumco-influenced. I'm wondering if such a task is even possible. Can you see how HARD it is?

Jason said...

John, that looks amazing. I can only imagine all the great stories you can make with so many great characters. Oh, and I went to a private high school. I love Bad Catholic Girls ;).

toonamir said...

John, are you going to make more comics with your characters?

The Spumco Comic Books were IMO, just as entertaining as the animated cartoons. Plus, they're far less expensive and complicated to make.

Anonymous said...


peldma3 said...

What are you doing with all the old spumco site stuff?
I am sure you've got something in mind.

NateBear said...


I get that problem too. I think it's a matter of there not being any other cartoons that try to be that unique. Any two things sticking to from a sea of blandness are going to be compared just for ticking out. Furhtermore, they ARE Spumco influenced. If you read John's blog and take his advice, then you're gonna be influenced. Like John says, Spumco doesnt' really have a style, it has an approach. Therefore, if you try to use a SPumco approach there is definatley gonna be similarity. If you want to be completely absolutely original, i think that just takes time. The more you master the skills of drawing unique expressions the more naturally your own personality will show through your work.



peldma3 said...

Is this what a network normally wants to see when you pitch a show,.. pages and some pictures. It would be useful to know., the animation world stuff on pitches is contradictory depending on the exec they ask.

Roberto González said...

What about Dirty Dog and Cigarrettes the Cat? They are also part of this cartoon, aren't they?

That's the cool thing about this show, you could include some classic "mute" comedy with Jimmy, sitcommy comedy with George, sexy "Betty Boop/Red Hot Ridding Hood" stuff with Sody, Beavis and Butthead type of humor with Slab N' Ernie, Bob Clampett's style with Dirty Dog and Cigarretes the cat, also cinema noir if you keep their behaviour from Weekend Pussy Hunt...The possibilities are endless, yet most of the characters seem to work pretty well together and they don't seem like a random group of different type of characters (like Drawn Together).

pappy d said...

These are fabulous characters, but I notice that you haven't set up any running conflict in the premise. God forbid it should have a formula, but could George use some kind of a foil?


Don't worry about it, just find some more influences. Cartoons will be Spumco-influenced long after we're all dead.

metropolis said...

Is there anyplace that you can buy SPUMCO animated art, (as in pictures)?

I noticed that you had The Bad Catholic Girls on your site & you also had Sody. How much money could you get for these pictures today if you sold them to a private person?


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My congratulations from Spain.