Monday, April 16, 2007

George Liquor StoryBible 2 - more characters

Here are some more of the recurring characters. George Liquor's world is much like the neighborhood I grew up in, only different physical laws apply depending on which character's point of view each story is told by.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm not even joking, but this is pretty much how my grandpa describes the good old days.

George is really reminicent of my grandpa, who hates everything new, and still only washes his windows with "Bon Ami" and refuses to use a weed whipper instead of a sickle.

Ardy said...

Could I give you lots of money to make this show?

Ryan G. said...

Where can I buy these comics John? I need a copy in my hands!

Arschblog said...

In the last panel of the second scan from the Remote Control Jimmy comic, the mouth of Cigarettes the cat and Dirty dogs butt - together it looks like a butt with two big balls, maybe I have a sick fantasy, but it's that what it looks like to me!XD

I love these Comics, they are super cartoony, funny and I like the hidden Gags!

Shawn said...

Hey, why have I never seen Slab n' Ernie's mom Mildrew, with the big bazooms??? Please post some pics of Mildrew, John...Oh, pleeease! I'm sick and twisted, and love cartoon milfs.

Anonymous said...

man! i wish these would actually get made. they would be the greatest prime time cartoons ever. nothin on TV nowadays is this funny or well drawn.

Billy Bob said...

It is a shame Mr. K, that you can't have a show on prime time. It should be given a chance and then let the public decide.
I like both sides (realistic/subtle and exaggerated/cartoony) but what gets me is NEITHER types being on prime time. I like simpsons and king of the hill but ill be damned if they are "realistic and subtle"

Mr. Semaj said...

I like simpsons and king of the hill but ill be damned if they are "realistic and subtle"

King of the Hill is the most "realistic" toon on the air. The problem is they forgot how to be FUNNY.

Roberto González said...

Wow! That's a lot of characters! I'm intrigued about Eddie, the atheist.

The thing about The Lord actually appearing is that I find it a little too similar to The Simpsons (Homer The Heretic and other epìsodes), though it's not like a exclussive thing only The Simpsons have ever done.

Yeah, it would be great to see some pics or sketchs of the "missing" characters.

Clinton said...

Ah! So that was Nutty playing as Red & Stimpy's lovechild in "Stimpy's Pregnant". I have all these comics, and they are excellent reference material. Go Ebay :)

Jeff Read said...

George is at his funniest when his lips are pulled tight against his teeth like Fire Marshal Bill. This tends to happen less frequently with the Raketu George than it did back in his Ren & Stimpy days.

And Cigarettes gets all the hot wimmens (see "Close but No Cigar").

Jennifer said...

"You can't have this in prime time because I'm told by executives that cartoons for adults have to be more sedate and realistic."

Wow, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is so "sedate and realistic". Atari characters visit me from space every day, and when I get french fries, they talk to me all the time. Oh yes, Atari characters shouting about "digital dongs" and "shooting the bird" is really sedate. *rolleyes*

(That wasn't aimed at you, John - that was aimed at the cartoon executives for their doublespeak.)

George Liquor is funny! The web cartoons were a scream. There's something for every taste in the series.

Here's an idea - maybe get a proxy to pitch the cartoon to the execs. Get a "geeky" guy who's in his late 20s - early 30s who lives on Starbucks coffee and who thinks that quoting obscure movies is cool. I bet if he pitched the cartoon, the execs would probably think it was "cutting edge".

Anonymous said...

John - you should turn this into a feature. I have a free plan on how you could get it done, along with reviving theatrical shorts. Email me if you'd like to know.

Vanoni! said...

Well these makes me nostalgic.
I remember following that fishing story on the old Spumco site and thinking then that they looked great.

And all those comic pages are so incredibly FUN.
You all remember FUN in comics, don't you??


- Corbett

Anonymous said...

OK, this post has convinced me. I was skeptical at first, but now, The Goddamn George Liquor Hour is my 2nd favourite John K series (Wally Man is still my favourite).

3. Ren & Stimpy: APC
4. He-Hog: Atomic Pig!

And the rest!

I noticed you drew 5 hands on the humans, instead of the traditional four. Is that a stylistic choice?

Vanoni! said...

On a slightly related note - I was watching Big Baby Scam the other night and noticed the hands were constantly switching from 4 fingers to 5.
Was this an inside joke? Or just bad hookups or something?

Frankly, 4 fingers on a human looking hand always looks creepy to me.

Also did you have a say in the lettering of these comics? All the sound effects are beautifully rendered and Barber Shop looks good - but some of that other text is kind of pedestrian.

- Corbett

Kali Fontecchio said...

"I noticed you drew 5 hands on the humans, instead of the traditional four. Is that a stylistic choice?"

Humans have four hands traditionally? I thought we only had two... silly me!

George is such a hunk of man meat!

Clinton said...

Hey John, have you ever considered Adult Swim as a possible network to broadcast your work? I do have one request: can you post lectures on Flash animation techinques?

Roberto González said...

I would also like to know if there is some way to order these comics, cause I couldn't find all of them (I bought them in a spanish comic book shop that had imported stuff).

At least I would like to know how many of them exist and the titles of the stories!

These comic books are my fave Spumco stuff since old Ren and Stimpy. And though I already know the stories I would like to see some of them animated. I normally prefer different and new stuff, but I loved some of those specific adventures. I actually liked them more than the Flash show and even more than Weekend Pussy Hunt (which has some great stuff too). That's another question I would like to ask: have you planned to adapt those exact stories or that ones were just for the comic books, so then there won't be a "remake"?


Anonymous said...

>Humans have four hands traditionally? I thought we only had two... silly me!

hahaha! I meant fingers!

stiff said...

Hey John,

Why can't you put these on a limited-release DVD or something? You obviously have faith in your product, and I, for one, will confirm that I was thoroughly entertained just from reading/seeing parts of the stories. was apparently ahead of it's time, but with websites now that allow people to actually purchase videos for a fair price, DVDs being popular and easily available for purchase online, and a respectable following of people who tune in to your daily rantings, don't you think that an investment on your part would turn a profit? I know you're the director, not the businessman, but if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself, goddammit.

Justin said...

shrek 'humans' = floating barf

Jesse Oliver said...


It's UN-AMERICAN to not give him a series!

Jim Rockford said...

Man,I truly wish this show would get made.I liked your idea about having Victor Lugnuts and Victor Produce mounting assaults on each others shops,I can see some really good slapstick comedy springing from that.Like when Laurel and Hardy would take on the neighboring shopkeeper and they would escalate the attacks until there was nothing left of either bussiness but rubble.
Love the bad Catholic girls and Sody....but especially Merle because she reminds me pin up girls from the 50's,back when the female form was really accentuated and dynamic,the time of huge boobs in bullet bras and tight sweaters,before gay fashion designers ushered in the 13 year old boy "twiggy" look that reigned in the 70's and men became chastized for being men by the P.C. crowd.and to echo an earlier reply...can we see Mildrew! Pleazzze?

gagbonkers said...

when is the the George Liqour show gonna be an ACTUAL tv show? cuz jhon k Ill pay BIG CASH to get it on DVD!!!!

gagbonkers said...

plz make a cartoon show George Liqour

JohnH said...

I especially like the treatment of George. Not too much for or against him, quite cool.