Sunday, April 15, 2007

Scene Planning For TV - Setups for storyboard and layout 4

Here are the original 18 scenes in sequence, for reference. By using good scene planning and setups, we saved the background painters and background designers 11 backgrounds. That would have been a lot of extra work to do for no added benefit to the story. We also saved the layout artists and animators and assistant animators a lot of extra work too.


Josh Lieberman said...

Do I see an afro-pick in Slab's hair?
That wasn't in the show, was it?
I have the DVD's, I'm gonna go check

Mike said...

Man I wish these were here when I set up my short film. Even though its CG I found it necessary to cut down on the number of shots. Obviously there's no BG painter to worry about - but it simplifies things. Also it should be noted the animator and the camera are sort of dance partners - and if one of them changes - the other has to accommodate.

John I've been meaning to ask you - what DVD has Terrytoons with the thief and the (big) bicycle you posted? I look ed on and it didn't list which cartoons were in which DVD.


Kali Fontecchio said...

These are great! I really need to see the show! Although, it didn't really turn out like these, did it?

RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Once again, a revelation. Great lesson on planning John!
And you used really great boards to demonstrate too!

NextGen said...

Thank John. I've got three storyboard assignment for three different classes due in the coming weeks. This was a lot of help. Keep the storyboard posts coming.

A big thanks as always for your hard work put into this blog. We appreciate it very much!

flaviano said...

this is very helpful, post more! post more! i love how this blog is become a manual of animation.

peldma3 said...

ahhhh, Thank you, I will use this post as my on the job training
Thank you!!!

peldma3 said...

I just finished boards for a short and I tried your tip on reusing bkrounds and drawings from and earlier post you did on the HB stuff. and My boss was tickled, cause he's under deadline pressure... Thank You!! he loves me today!

peldma3 said...

How big do you do boards ?
I am just curious.