Thursday, April 12, 2007

R.Ramjet - "K.O. Corral" - I can fix


Now don't give away the punch line in the comments...!


thistler said...

I can fix a nice carbonara. Hey John, you should make a show like roger ramjet online. Flash would be perfect! The animation could be limited so your imagination doesn't have to be! You could simplify Jimmy (if possible) and give him magic powers and such. Jimmy the Unpredictable Genie! whoa boy.

Ms. Jane D'oh said...

wow, great design.

Kali Fontecchio said...

I like the punchline! And the fleshcolored mustaches! And the gritty men! Hooray!

Sparrman said...

That was a funny punch line! Who drew it?

Vanoni! said...

These are so utterly ridiculous I love 'em.
Right in line with my sense of humor.

The corny, almost groan-worthy punchlines that I gravitated to as a kid.
Dick Debartolo MAD satire, Marx Bros movies and the like.

- C

Kris said...

Okay, that actually cracked me up.

Anonymous said...


That's funnier than anything on Family Guy! If that's not funny to you then your funny bone is broken.

lastangelman said...

Really funny looking galoots and corny jokes and wonderful radio voices.

It's gonna be real sad when some no brains executive catches his kids watching the Roger Ramjet DVD, totally misses why his kids finds it funny, and revives a real idiot boring version that resembles fourth rate South Park.

john skewes said...

I'm so glad you're bringing attention to this wonderful show. I always prefered it to Bullwinkle
(though that show is great), and I had a chance to talk to a guy at Classic Media, who owns the show. I asked him why it wasn't more widely syndicated, and he said it's because Roger's strength comes from pills. (This was true of a lot of 60s heroes, like Underdog, when pharmaceuticals and other emerging Space Age technologies were the promise of the future.) So it was anti-drug hysteria that killed Roger Ramjet. Just like Mighty Mouse!