Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Kali has some treats for those who like cartoon paintings

Who owns these handsome eyes?

Kali has been studying up on painting-particularly characters. She has been copying old kid book paintings and amassing techniques. I told her that copying is good, but for every painting you copy, you should make a painting from scratch and apply some of the techniques. That way you get value from your copies. Otherwise you just get good at copying but aren't able to function on a job when they ask you to do something tailor-made.

I gave her a drawing of one of my favorite presidential candidates and said here, paint this stately fellow. And she did it here:

Now if you want to be good at painting backgrounds and characters ( I will do a post about character paintings later) you should collect old illustrated kids' books, because you can find a myriad of great techniques and fun styles.

Look at some really cute fuzzy pictures she put up:

A new exciting shade of purple is awaiting at Kali's world of painting cartoony type pictures.