Sunday, April 22, 2007

R.Ramjet - "K.O. Corral" - come on, Rimpot


Funny drawings,

funny stylized designs,

funny verbal gags

funny timing

Funny men made this

There are lots of funny cartoonists and voice talents in the business today, but they are not allowed to be funny anymore.

Leave us alone to do what we were born to and make lots of money off us.


Paul B said...


Kali Fontecchio said...

Straight to the point, I like it!

That jaw kills me, he'd make a great ventriloquist doll.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

I second what Kali said! The pictures make the argument very well!

Devlin Thompson said...

Mark Evanier reports that Jim Thurman just died:

NateBear said...

I like the diversity in tooth styles.

Ecto said...

Great Ramjet posts. Been meaning to make some kinda pointless pat-on-the-back-gee-thanks-John kinda comment.

But yeah, Ramjet's all sorts of great, isn't it? Some of the show's stuff can be so damn funny, they make it look so easy, rushed, but some of the gags and jokes, the way they cut it together - there's a some kinda genius/talent behind all this. Really.

Anyone see the High Noon-type episode? With Ramjet's irritated horse angrily telling him to get off?

AH! Ramjet in a beauty pagent! Another good one. With wacky bird as voice over narrator. Changing costumes constantly.

Severin said...

btw,what are your thoughts on Arthur Davis cartoons?

JohnK said...

I like them

Tibby said...

I would like to see - a quick sketch of how you would draw Ramjet. And/or it's characters. That would be very interesting to see how you interperate their artwork.

Tibby said...

I would like to see sometime - your version of Rodger Ramjet. Maybe a quick sketch, putting your own spin on it. It would be very interesting to see how your work compares to the original. Just a thought.

Writers aren't all bad. What drives Roger Ramjet (to me) is not really the quality of the art or animation - it is the writing and pacing of the show. It all comes back to the writing dept. Some friends of mine write for EE&E, and they don't suck.

Joie Simmons said...

I love this kind of stuff.
I love fun stuff being funny.
I also like stupid stuff being dramatic.
Why, oh why, can't funny people be allowed to make a living doing funny stuff anymore?

I'm curious to know what you think of this:

Pokey said...

John K.:"Whoever did the sound effects for 'Roger Record' a true Monty Python genius [sic]"

Phil Kaye..also credited on Rankin-Bass shows as well.These were among H-B sound effects.