Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

sorry, I'm a bit late!


Kris said...


carlo guillot said...

It's never too late to express your good wishes.

Nico said...

holy crap John, that is AWESOME.

What if Spumco produced a new Popeye cartoon... I wouldn't be able to contain myself. the characters would look amazing!!!

Kevin Williams said...

I'm with Nico. I want a straight to dvd (or internet?) Spumco Popeye. Doesn't have to be a sacred cow hamburger like the amazing Boo Boo Gone Wild...just something that lets to give the gift of how Popeye makes you feel to the rest of us.

No pressure. ;)

Weirdo said...

Cool drawing. Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everybody.

Lee said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too!

Thanks for posting various stages of finishing. I find it educational to see how things like that get completed.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Thanks for showing the progress, too. It helps those of us who aren't good with markers ( read: ME ) learn better techniques.

- trevor.

Eshniner Forest said...

I like all the colours!! Neat!!

justinmartyr said...

Great art, John!

Could you please briefly discuss your thinking behind some of your unorthodox color choices(e.g., Popeye's grey outline and grey color in his face,as opposed to the obvious flesh color choice)? It looks great, but how did you know that it would? Markers are so unforgiving, yet your piece is very bold and spontaneous, without any hint of hesitancy.

Also, did you use Copic marker or brush pens for the outlines?

Thanks, John!

Ben Forbes said...

This is really good, such a great marker piece.

I'd also like to know, did you use Copic/Prisma/Letraset marker or brush pens for the outlines?

Timefishblue said...


JohnK said...

Hi Justin and Ben

I use whatever markers are in front of me

for big areas, Chartpak

smaller areas, Prismacolor markers and Pantone Trias (they are too expensive!)

I have some old Design markers that they don't make anymore

for outlines I use Tombow brush pens

I've never used Copic but everyone tells me they are great

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Vincent said...

Hey, John Kricfalusi, if you want an example of poorly-done animation, I found a rather quirky low budget series.

I watch eps of a really low-budget animation series from Toei Animation called Yu-Gi-Oh! (the 27-episode 1998 television show that has NOT been dubbed. No, this is NOT the same series as the Yu-Gi-Oh! that aired in America) and some of the animation quirks are amazing.
*In episode 11 (at about 11:00) when Yugi and his friends are talking about Warashibe in the cafeteria, they (and they are in the background) are the only people in the cafeteria moving and talking. Everyone else is still and silent! (Other than that the episode is interesting as it stars an eccentric, Capsule Monsters-obsessed stalker going after a ditz (Miho), calling her the "Capmon Queen" - He has a "secret base" (underground warehouse) where he wants to keep Miho)
*In episode 17 (at about 9:34) when Yugi's hands touch the glass and he talks to Ailean, his hands look really strange!

This series did not go beyond 27 episodes; I do not know WHY, but maybe the really low budget animation hurt the series.

If you want to find it, you will have to use fansubbing websites. As I said it was never released in the USA.

[Moth] said...

awesome, John.

and thanks for that tip on markers/materials!