Friday, February 29, 2008

Flip the Frog: run

Need a simple run for an animation excercise? Flip will give you the basics


This one is 5 frames for each step.10 drawings for each complete cycle. Shot on 1's. The music is on a 10 frame beat.

Ignore the repeat frames. That's from the video transfer from film. They add a frame after every 4th one to turn 24x per second into 30x per second.

Here's a Flip walk, also on a 10 frame beat with a breakdown of how to do it yourself.

Oh and thanks to these students who pressed the magic button!

Brett Thompson

Adam Juricev-Mikulin

Lynsey Schaschke


Brendan Body said...

In Flip's run the the hips are at their lowest when the foot makes contact with the ground. Would you agree that the run would have a bit more weight if the lowest point was in the next drawing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks John. This really is like having a legitimate animation school in my own basement. The world owes you alot of money.

I have alot of catching up to do!

Ryan Cole said...

^_^ The basics. Yer nuthin' without 'em.

The old black and white (Fleisher?) toons like these are fantastic for up and coming students to study, because the animation itself doesn't have a whole lot of timing. just the bare bones steady animation on ones. These are helpful for the guys who're learning these techniques step by step, and don't get too confused by the holds between frames for timing purposes.

And Flip is a great reference, especially those feet! Ooh, and the way he sweeps his hands in before tightening into fist shapes makes em wish he'd been doing a fagier, open handed run just for that secondary action to keep following through.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I'm gonna try to imitate this run cycle with my own character Manx this weekend.

If I post the results, will you comment, John?

- trevor.

Larry Levine said...

Poor ol' Flip couldn't run away fast enough to keep a young Chuck Jones from washing him off the cels.

Leonardo said...

Great exercise. John, I´m a big fan and I would like, if you could, to know your thoughts about some animations I did... I´ve been auto-training myself since late 2006 and your site became a great reference when I found it a month ago. Though I´ve done animations kinda in a "hard" way, future animations of mine will take your lessons in consideration. Your blog is an eye opener for me. I´d like for you to review timing despite the animation (cause I made them using a few tricks I´ve learn watching cartoons and during a 6 month course of 2d animation).

You can check them at

There are some older animations I did but i´m putting subtitles to them, so I haven´t posted them yet, but one of them it´s a satire of superman and the acting I did on the voice was based on the overreacted hero type of your own creation, the toastman from ren and stimpy!

Thanks for your attention,
Leo m.

Guilherme said...

Hi John!

which software do you use to transfer from DVD to mov? It is perfect for studing purposes. I can easily step foward, step backward, and I can analyse it deeper into Flash.


Anthony P. Rizzo said...

Yesss! Another assignment. I'm on it John! Weekend animation homework is a beautiful thing...


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...


I don't know about John, but one of the best video capturing bits of software is Snapz Pro. It's about sixty bucks and available online.

- trevor.

patchwork said...

Great! I am currently working on the Bosko, Oswald and Flip assignments and was wondering what to work on afterwards, thanks again John!!!

Mitch L said...

This is great, Im gonna do a try in flash.

Is the best way to draw this from pose to pose? First the keyframes and after that the inbetweens?
I don't get the beat part... I need to figure that out.

Guilherme said...

Thanks a lot Trevor!

But I think I will try another way cause Snapz Pro is for Mac and I am running Windows.


Mitch L said...

I did a small test in Flash. I have allot to learn.

You can find it here.
bounce walk

Tony said...

I tried it:

I think I focus too much on details and not the basics of the run.