Monday, February 25, 2008

some corrections from Greg Duffel

Hi John:

A couple of possible corrections on the Jones art:

The Porky strikes me as something from a Davis or Tashlin cartoon. Brother
Brat maybe? If it's Jones, which cartoon?

The Bugs Bunny in an Elizabethan outfit is an Abe Levitow drawing for a
cartoon Abe directed.

The Dog below it is almost certainly from "Fast Buck Duck" and is probably
drawn by Ted Bonnickson, the "co-director", as it doesn't look like a

The Bugs Bunny with red underdrawing is a Washam.

And speaking of your Washam post today, yes, that animation of Bugs Bunny
you note as being in a Mckimson style, is by Ken Harris. I like Harris'
animation at the end with the female rabbit robot. Some very clever
stagger animation there. I also like it when Bugs Bunny sings "I'm headin'
for my beddin'..." which Harris animated.

Also, I had some communication with Mike Barrier recently about the DVD 5
of Looney Tunes, and specifically his commentary about "Tale of Two

He gave credit to Scribner for the anvil in the ground scene,
but that's some really odd Scribner drawing, which I thought looked more
like Davidovich (who incidentally animates on "Hair Raising Hare"). Look
at those hands on the Babbitt cat. Would Scribner draw like that? Mike
kindly sent me Clampett's notes on that with a list of who did what and
Scribner is assigned that scene alright.

The Bugs Bunny you note at the beginning was animated by Lloyd Vaughan.

I'm going to read your Scribner stuff.


Thanks Greg, and my apologies for my errors.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

"A Witch's Tangled Hare" (1959) is the name of the Bugs picture that Abe directed.

- trevor.

Keunemeun said...

Lovely drawings! I'm having a Looney Tunes renaissance period right now. I'm starting to realize that Chuck Jones, Freleng, Clampett and Tashlin were true animation geniuses.
so keep those Looney Tunesposts coming, John!


Vincent Waller said...

Damn. Someday I want to learn how t draw.

David Germain said...

Yeah, I was thinking that the openning Bugs scene was done by Lloyd Vaughn. I remember reading that Lloyd's work was so sloppy at the beginning that Jones was thinking about letting him go. Thankfully, Ken Harris took Lloyd under his wing and gave him some pointers. He would then do some fine work for Jones up until the brief shut down in 1953.


Bitter Animator said...

Mr.K, I've been having some thoughts (no, really) about the importance of flipping pages and what it means now that it seems to be something lost among software right now.

How important, in your opinion, is the old page flip to animation?

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Amen, Brother Waller.

- trevor.

amy said...

I love bugs bunny and all of the other looney toons characters. It's interesting to see how they are broken down into the separate animations instead of what most people see on television.

Liimlsan said...

The opening was probably Lloyd, just for that melt. 'Rabbit Fire' has a good example of the melting his faces had ('You start this time').

I find that whenever there's a scene in a Clampett cartoon with good draftsmanship and Scribner movement, but symmetry, twins, and slightly off features TENDS to be Manny Gould. That's my guess. (All of his work has a tendency to revert to twins - he's like Ron Clements or I that way.)