Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rice Krispies Weekend Treat

Here's an extra funny looking vintage Rice Krispies commercial.'t you love how happy these mischievous gay little imps are?
Happy to not have any construction!

Let's play leap up the crotch!

Pile on that extra sugar on your already sugary cereal!
Feel that extra carb energy surging through your whole head.
You won't stop moving all day.

This calls for a group hug. They look pretty eager for it.

Grasp and rub vigorously while using up your sugar energy.

I'm not sure who animated this, but it reminds me of those BAB-O commercials from the 50s, where everyone snorts cleanser, also an energy releaser.

Maybe Mike or Greg will help us out here.


Jeremy Brooks said...

POW means power...and pow-er's NICE! Rice Krispies gives you permagrin and the power to skate, jump rope and ride your bike for roughly 15 hours! Golly, thanks POW!

Whit said...

Those BAB-O spots were done by Shamus Culhane's studio, probably in New York. A 1975 interview with Culhane in the magazine Filmmakers Newsletter confirms this.

kungfukoi said...

I love how you can hear POW's propeller through the entire spot!

That's realism!


Anonymous said...

"Those BAB-O spots were done by Shamus Culhane's studio, probably in New York. A 1975 interview with Culhane in the magazine Filmmakers Newsletter confirms this."

I'm assuming that the commercial that John is discussing in this post was also produced by the Culhane studio (the link to the commercial gives a good hint:

John, I have a feeling that you don't favor the animation in the commercial a lot (I can see some bad inbetweens, so I can kind of understand why.). Does this have anything to do with the Swing Symphony cartoons that Shamus directed at the Lantz studio?

Gabriel said...

the floor looks ahead of it's time.

Lindenbaum311 said...

This is funny. But i've got a good one too. Check this one out, it's an old Flintstone's commercial for Winston Cigarettes from 1961.

Here's the link:

deadmanswill said...

Somehow this particular post reminds me of one of those Enid Blyton's children's books. You know, stories with toys coming to life at nights.

Perhaps it is your description of the ad that reminded me of her. I mean, these days such ads are not made because people think too much of child psychology (they are more affected by it than children themselves) and there is no fun anymore. The same happened with Enid Blyton stories. They are now being edited before publishing because the 'great guys' behind the scene see all sorts of hidden meanings (sometimes even sexual) that will be obvious to the newer generations. Maybe they feel like Robert Langdon of Da Vinci Code when they do it and it gives them some sort of a high.

Dammit man, they spoil everything. Thankfully not the internet, hehe!

Bitter Animator said...

Kids just don't play 'leap up the crotch' any more. Ah, they were simpler times. But they were better.

Keunemeun said...

Genius, Why did they stop making these commercials? I would be stuffing myself with them cereals everyday, if Kellogs showed some of those on television.

Anonymous said...

I want a futuristing hypno-bowl. Then they poured the milk in a swirly way too!

Lindenbaum311 said...

Hey John, I was watching the old Pacman cartoon from the 80's and i saw your name in the credits. You've come along way, and so far every Spumco cartoon i've seen has kicked the ass of any of those older cartoons. Thanks for the great animation and comedy which have been inspiring me for 15 years now.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Geez, shows ya how much times have changed. If my mom had caught me putting that much sugar on my cereal, that'd been it.

- trevor.

Corey said...

What th... is that a Great Gazoo?! I never knew the Rice Krispie imps had an outer space counterpart...