Thursday, February 28, 2008

See the World - Carlo Vinci and friends

Boy, those old Terrytoons sure seem to be made for Dads instead of kids.

"See the World" (1934), Terrytoons

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Tongue Action:

Clip 3:

I'm not sure who this animator is.

Clip 4:

This is Carlo, for sure.

Clip 5:

Clip 6:


Matt Hawkins said...

"Do you want to buy a duck" is my new pick-up line.Good stuff.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

What is that line from? I've heard 'Do you want to buy a duck" in a lot of Warner shorts too.

Where does that and 'Don't ever do that' come from?

- trevor.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I love the animation where she's punch drunk on passion.

Looks like you CAN fool a girl from Waikiki.

- trevor.

Marc Deckter said...

Hi Trevor,

I don't know much about him, but I believe Joe Penner is responsible for the "Wanna buy a duck?" sales pitch.

Here's a website devoted to Penner (found via Mark Kausler's site):


The website also notes that Penner may have been the original inspiration for Egghead (Elmer Fudd's pre-cursor)...


Kali Fontecchio said...

Thanks for this post! Gave me an idea......

Spencer said...

great stuff!
hey--a bit off topic...I'm a high school senior who is probably going to end up at CalArts doing experimental animation next fall. Any general advice?

Sarcastro said...

I've heard 'Do you want to buy a duck" in a lot of Warner shorts too.

In Porky's Duck Hunt a caricature of Joe Penner himself delivers the line.

Anthony P. Rizzo said...

My Dad would love this! Ha. With Jack Daniels of course :)

Hey John, more practice stuff for you to check out if u have time. Thx.


Payo said...

Hey all,

This is way off topic, but I've been racking my brain (and The Google) and can't figure out the names or names of some vintage cartoons that feature characters from different books interacting in a library or on bookshelves - anybody know what I'm talking about? Thanks.

Payo said...

OK, it might be "Book Revue" - I had no idea Clampett did the animation on this. I always thought it was a Terrytoon or Famous studios cartoon, not Warners.

Car2oon said...

Don't doOOo that!


Payo said...

Does anybody know the names of cartoons Clampett was sending up with "Book Revue"? I know some of them were WB Merrie Melodies, but I need some help with titles.

Paul B said...

hahahah that goodbye is very recognizable!
funny stuff!
thanks John

**** hey, I put in my blog some studies of cartoos of the 30s, come to see them! ********

JoJo said...

I love how the limbs on the girl go from solid to rubber! They're really fun, especially when she gets picked up.

The poses she makes are really fun too.

David Germain said...


The first such books/products coming to life cartoon at Warner Bros. was Three's a Crowd (by Rudolf Ising c. 1933). Others that followed were I Like Mountain Music (by Friz Freleng c. 1933), How Do I Know It's Sunday? (by Friz Freleng c. 1934), Billboard Frolics (by Friz Freleng c. 1936), Speaking of the Weather (by Frank Tashlin c. 1937), September in the Rain (by Friz Freleng c. 1937), Have You Got Any Castles (by Frank Tashlin c. 1938), You're An Education (by Frank Tashlin c. 1938), and Goofy Groceries (by Bob Clampett c. 1941). But, yeah, the topper of them all was indeed Bob Clampett's Book Revue.

I guess you could also include Wholly Smoke (by Frank Tashlin c. 1938) into that list as well.

Hobo Divine said...

Hi John,

I've been referring to Blog for sometime now, mostly to keep my sanity, in the industry.

Chuck (Gammage) and I just finished a promo with Rex and the Gang:

I hope you enjoy it.
I would love to interview Fred Crippen, his editing (on Roger Ramjet) was as progressive as the French New Wave films.

But no one will recognize that because it's just a cartoon.
Hmmn it's shame.


John T. Quinn 3rd said...

It was great to meet you (last night at the thing for Uli Meyer at Tangier). Give me a call anytime you want to come by and see the glorious DCP campus.

Payo said...

Thanks David-

Great list and I've been able to find some of them on YouTube. I noticed Clampett lifted the cuckoo clock (and a bunch of other bits) right out of Have You Got Any Castles? (