Friday, June 20, 2008

Comicrazy - cool site

Crazy Jim Tyer stuff

Rare Kurtzman!

Even rarer Milt Gross!

You can learn how to write great comic book dialogue while you're at it.

Flip is quite endowed!

Well this looks to be a wonderful comic site and I bookmarked it myself so I could keep checking in.


Justin said...

hey John

Is that blue dog in Big House Blues that informs Ren that Phil has been "put to sleep" an homage to Milt Gross? (he also appears in Kilted Yaksmen)

Have you been asked this question a thousand times before, too?

JohnK said...

yes and yes

Colter said...

Why'd ya do it Flip? WHY?!!!

Kristy Gordon said...

Hiii Johnny!!

Eeep! Cool! Jim Tyer and Milt Gross and stuff!!

Hey, I just put a post on my blog with step by step bg painting instructions that I did for Altruists, of that hole in the ground, along with some scans of HB dirt and grass texture and stuff!

click here

trevor said...

Thanks John!

Also, Kristy:

I LOVE your work on 'Altruists'.... no offense to John, but it's worlds better than the bgs in Big House Blues ( although I like the pyschotic bgs ).

- trevor.

solomon mars said...

hey wow, that's some Paul Pope (Robin pic.) work. wonder what he's up to these days. I love your site, I tell my fellow animation students to go here all the time. Animation enlightenment.

Whit said...

This explains why Flip quit starring in cartoons. He was put into amphibian stud service.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy; Flip the Frog: Most obvious blackface-inspired character design ever? And I thought Mickey was bad... :P

fabiopower said...

If you can

Anonymous said...

That pig is incredible!

Rudy Tenebre said...

John, concerning your response on my last post: If you understand the term, I think you'll be hard pressed to give me an OBJECTIVE propositon concerning aesthetics. If you can, you'll have made a breakthrough that would stymie all of Western Philosophy. Art History is filled with quibbling, principled, schools, and they are, yes, very subjective. You repeatedly define your tastes on this site, taste is not an objective phenomenon.


John -

Thanks once again for a great plug. I'm trying to post at least twice a week, time permitting.

You got me with that Flip "endowed" line. I hadn't caught that before. Now it seems so obvious. =)

The Butcher said...

Damn it, I've been beat to the punch.

J. said...

John, I feel like a total jackass every time I leave a link to new George Liquor stuff I've drawn.

oh well...tenth time is a charm.

some new Sody stuff I did

Deemo said...

Hey john

Hows it going i put some new funny pics on my blog. I tried to add more negative space again in some pics. If you could leave some feedback that would be great. Thanks again.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Those Jimmy Tyre drawings were great and the Tyre comic is one of his best! Tyre is a reason for living!

Sven Hoek said...

Ahhh, but beauty is SO objective. Almost anyone can recognize a good cartoon when they see it, but have trouble explaining just what it is that makes it so. I think John does a great job at explaining some of the 'important' elements in GOOD cartoons, and art in general. There are certain things that make cartoons pleasing to the eye and it's difficult to pin them down with words, but John does it, and that's why this blog is so popular with artists. A lot of art schools may quibble about the details of what makes good art but there are some big principles that you need to form a good foundation and no amount of detail can fix a poorly constructed piece.

I watched some Popeye cartoons from the 60's this weekend (the King stuff) and they looked horrible. I had my wife put them up for sale on Amazon immediately. But, I would not sell one of my Ren & Stimpy DVD's no matter how much you offered. Get it?!?!?

I'm glad John K. is such a "Giver"

Rudy Tenebre said...

Old news now, but still havn't had the conditions of objectivity met, via Mr. Hoek's vagaries. I'm not calling for the liquidation of principles, but a curb to pedantics, and am an admirer of Mr. Kricfalusi.