Sunday, June 15, 2008

Malibu Beach Party Caricature Night

Kali got a job doing caricatures at a party in Malibu and asked me to join in on the fun.
That's Emma above. The party was in her honor.
Here's her kid brother, Ellis who is a budding artist himself.
Here are the party organizers and their flattertures.

Kali knows her eyebrow biology.

These crazy girls came back twice.

These girls actually asked me to draw them making goofy faces. I made them hold their expressions until they froze that way forever.

Pilar looked kinda sick affter I showed her the picture, but I think Rose was happy.
There is always a magician every place I have done caricatures. We go together.

Here's Kali's buddy James and his doe. James got Kali the gig.
Some man and his happy seed.


Here's an even more exciting party!