Monday, June 09, 2008

Great Jim Tyer Comic

If ever there was a pure cartoonist who took advantage of everything a cartoon can do better than any other medium it was Jim Tyer.

I don't do many posts about him because he gives young cartoonists the wrong idea, namely that there are no rules.

I would say that "There are no rules for someone with super talent, tons of skill and knowledge and control over his work, and a place (like Terrytoons) where breaking the rules is pretty much the only way to get the otherwise conservative nature of the studio to do anything entertaining." That's a lot of conditions!

Jim Tyer has great draftsmanship (drawing skill). He knows how things work, but then chooses to let his imagination take his knowledge and bend it to do highly amusing and inventive work. Sometimes with control too.

His rules don't apply to someone who is not already highly skilled and talented. I love the guy, but this post might explain why I don't promote him more often on my public blog.

I do in private to my super skilled cartoon peers.

We live in a world where skill and draftsmanship and professionalism has almost vanished, so I am trying help bring it back before we embark on pure unbridled creativity again. You have to learn to walk before you run as you've heard before.

I have a tape I made 12 years ago of a bunch of Tyer's funniest Terrytoons scenes all strung together in a row. If I can get it digitized, I'll put it up.