Thursday, June 19, 2008

Other Harvey Artists

1) THE REALLY EARLY HARVEY STYLE ( STEVE MUFFATI?) It looks like a Famous studios animator drew it.
It's kinda formless like the cartoons but still somewhat cute.This has more form and appeal but still generic.

I love this style. Is this Warren Kremer? It's very cute and stylish, more appealing than the earliest stuff.4 Lotta-another artist?

This one is a mystery to me, a very cool Hot Stuff cover.
5 Transition from late 50s to 60s?

These are still nice but are just starting to lose some appeal, getting a bit straighter or more mature style, less kid-appeal.

This one's nice!

The interiors are full of great Howie Post stuff, though.

6 60s mean style starting
Their heads and eyes start to shrink as time goes on...Casper starts to look like a burn-victim
Here come the hippies to ruin everything fun.

Mean style, plus adults with tiny heads and everyone's eyes too close together.




Guillermo GC said...

Hi john

Did you received any of the samplers or the G.L story I send you?

Please let me know.


Ivan D said...

The opening panel of the last page (with Richie throwing the cards) defies all the rules about negative space that you've been speaking about.

And the adult characters below are repulsively formless in comparison to the tubby man in Little Audrey's A Star is Born.

Wow, I feel like I'm learning a lot about character design and background composition. Thanks John!

trevor said...

She's being spanked for allowing the hippies to mess with her design.

- trevor.

Kevin W. Martinez said...


I'm not sure if he drew the particular cover, but the illustration for the very first Audrey cover is almost identical to a Bill Tytla Gag drawing Jerry Beck posted on Cartoon Brew:

So yes, Famous-inspired.

Kristy Gordon said...

That was really cool to read Johnny!! (and damn those hippies!)

Luke Brenner said...

Great post John!I love the old Harvey cartoons.

Bill White said...

Everything before the Spooky covers are Steve's, then the rest are Warren's. the last couple of Richie pages are Ernie Colon's. Ernie is a fantastic artist, still working. Check out his 9/11 graphic novel on amazon.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Audrey and Wendy are so cute, even they are generic, who cares!

jeaux janovsky said...

Thought you might (or might not) enjoy this illo I recently did John.

Check it out (or not).

It's like a Harvey/Spumco hybrid.
-jeaux janovsky

Captain Napalm said...

Hey, come on man, that bullshit started happening WAAAAY before "the hippies" got here! And don't you think the meanies who started drawing like that were the exact same bunch of idiots that "the hippies" were rebelling against? Not the best method, though: "Tune in, turn on, drop out.....of bad animation schools that buckled under and lost touch!"

Bob said...

i like dem harvey toons they're funny. They look like archie mixed with little lulu. My fav was baby huey because he was a giant retarded duck in a diaper. Thanks for posting these comics up they are very inspiring. I do dislike the harvey cartoons i must say that the cartoon in which casper meets ferdy the fox was HORRIFIC and i find it more scary than bambi.

SoleilSmile said...

Do have any Little Lulu comics?

Adam T said...

The color on the earlier covers is warmer and more natural especially that first one. It's beautiful.

The later ones are too blue and mauve, and they use too many contrasting colors. Especially the one with Spooky playing pool. Purple background, yellow title, and a lime green table top... gross. I can't even look at it for very long.

rodineisilveira said...

Johnny K.,

Seeing the Spooky cover from the late 60s (Spooky surprised with the hippies), it makes seeming that I'm listening the song In-a-gadda-da-vida (recorded by the group Iron Butterfly in 1968) on my mind... (my mind is like a juke box)

HemlockMan said...

I think the piece you ID'd as Warren Kremer is indeed his. I used to have a few original pages by him. Excellent work.

I recall reading an Ernie Colon Little Dot story in which her dad was illustrated with anatomically correct triceps. I thought that was completely weird in a bigfoot kind of book.

Mr. Semaj said...

Characters like Little Audrey looked better in the late 40's and early 50's, because they still had a sense of individuality in their comic appearances. It was after a while that all of the Harveytoon characters started to look essentially the same.

Rudy Tenebre said...

Your principles and preferences are rigorous and studied, john. How'er, even tho' I may agree on any one point, the overall flavor of your pedagogics begins to reek of dogmatics, orthodoxy, and is seemingly forgetful of the subjectivity of all things aesthetic.

faithfully submitted, Douglas C. Nietermeyer

JohnK said...

All things aesthetic are not subjective.

Otherwise everyone would be an artist and no one would stand out.

Principles are principles. They are tools to help you make your "aesthetic" statement. If they are not there, there is no aesthetic. Merely chaos.

Bill Field said...

The colors they used on the covers rivals the cool color pallettes that Marvel used on their early covers. Ernie Colon did a lot of the Lotta and Dot stuff you show here, as well as most of the Richie Rich stuff. Colon was at Harvey far longer than most think - from about 1954- 1981. I was always surprised he didn't do any animation design, his style always reminds me of Toth in its sleekness.

Alex Whitington said...

Hey! there was a pencil sktch version of that first image posted on Cartoonbew. It's my desktop right now.