Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hi Dad, Happy Father's Day!

I wrote a couple stories for George Liquor based on things that you inspired. Here's one...


Rex and I worked out a story based on real life. My Dad used to buy cans without labels because they were cheap. 5 and 10 cents....The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Cans without labels

: he had 2 long shelves downstairs filled with them

he thought he knew how to tell what was inside. he had it down to a science.
he would show us a can and start deducing.

“See that?'s got a
gold lid with 2 rings....
3 rings around the perimeter”

"Now, we'll do a sound check. I got an ear for this. It's a gift!"

he'd shake it and listen to its contents
He'd add up all the clues.
"Yep! This is
extra meaty Campbell's beef stew"

"Now here's the rule...."
"No matter what's in the can, once we

open it..."

We have to eat whatever's in it..."

"I like beef stew, Dad!"
George: "Want me to open it?"
"go ahead"
"awright, kids remember the rule..."

... then he'd take the can opener and shear off the lid and I'd look inside...


George: "What? What? It's beef stew, ain't it?"


The rest of the story will appear in The George Liquor Program at the end of the year!


Thanks for the tribute, now the whole world knows: I love the story, but because of the savings, we were lucky enough to raise two kids, buy a house, a cottage, pay for each sibling schooling medical, etc. Also if you follow to-days life style of the average American and Canadian, who live on credit cards, have their homes forclosed by the banks, have no health insurance coverage, can't afford to pay their mortgages, go to food banks to survive, but have enough money to carry cel phones, play video games, go to rock concerts, then apply for bankruptsy when their credit runs out and become homeless transients and reduce their lives to begging etc.
My way, we never go hungry have a roof over our heads, do not need credit cards, can retire with dignaty, and afford to leave a nest egg to our children.
Now tell me if i went wrong on buying unlabled cans at 5c to 10c.
Anyway I laughed all through your story, brought tears with the laughter, I expect royalties, they can be T-shirtS with George opening the tin cans.