Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Hi Dad, Happy Father's Day!

I wrote a couple stories for George Liquor based on things that you inspired. Here's one...


Rex and I worked out a story based on real life. My Dad used to buy cans without labels because they were cheap. 5 and 10 cents....The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Cans without labels

: he had 2 long shelves downstairs filled with them

he thought he knew how to tell what was inside. he had it down to a science.
he would show us a can and start deducing.

“See that?'s got a
gold lid with 2 rings....
3 rings around the perimeter”

"Now, we'll do a sound check. I got an ear for this. It's a gift!"

he'd shake it and listen to its contents
He'd add up all the clues.
"Yep! This is
extra meaty Campbell's beef stew"

"Now here's the rule...."
"No matter what's in the can, once we

open it..."

We have to eat whatever's in it..."

"I like beef stew, Dad!"
George: "Want me to open it?"
"go ahead"
"awright, kids remember the rule..."

... then he'd take the can opener and shear off the lid and I'd look inside...


George: "What? What? It's beef stew, ain't it?"


The rest of the story will appear in The George Liquor Program at the end of the year!


Thanks for the tribute, now the whole world knows: I love the story, but because of the savings, we were lucky enough to raise two kids, buy a house, a cottage, pay for each sibling schooling medical, etc. Also if you follow to-days life style of the average American and Canadian, who live on credit cards, have their homes forclosed by the banks, have no health insurance coverage, can't afford to pay their mortgages, go to food banks to survive, but have enough money to carry cel phones, play video games, go to rock concerts, then apply for bankruptsy when their credit runs out and become homeless transients and reduce their lives to begging etc.
My way, we never go hungry have a roof over our heads, do not need credit cards, can retire with dignaty, and afford to leave a nest egg to our children.
Now tell me if i went wrong on buying unlabled cans at 5c to 10c.
Anyway I laughed all through your story, brought tears with the laughter, I expect royalties, they can be T-shirtS with George opening the tin cans.


Dor Isaac said...

Is it the cryogenic frozen head of Walt Disney?

Rudy Tenebre said...

Johnny, I recall back awhile you wishing, (like Bakshi after the deaths of his Golden Age greats) you had animators of the stuff of the old gaurd (McKimson, Ross, etcetry) but I must say, you've introduced your own with your collaborators, for besides the baroque muggings of Ren and Stimpy, the expressive range of Mr. Horse is something for which all the old guys would give you plaudits!

Tale of Captain Canuck and his anonymous cans as testament to shades of Canadian culture?

Herman said...

Those expressions of emotions are priceless.. Thanks, made my day.

Doug said...

I only wish my own dad had been George Liquor

Anonymous said...

Hey John!

I remember waiting to find out what was in the cans too! He was probably right about 75% of the time, but that other 25% we usually were in for a pretty big surprise... :)

Weirdo said...

Awesome story. I like the way your dad thinks. He does have a lot of things right about life for Americans and Canadins today. He calls as he seesthem. For that, he has my respect. By the way, I also think your Dad should get royalties.

Whit said...

John, if your dad were president during the last seven years, we wouldn't be in this mess today. But every single state would be in its own can.

bethechange said...

This is a great tribute for Fathers Day to your Dad! I laughed my head off because I remember those days so well when I would come to spend summers at the cottage with you. The food was always good, no matter what it was!!

Lots of love
Aunt Gini

Jim Rockford said...

Funny stuff!

"Now here's the rule...."
"No matter what's in the can, once we

open it..."

"We have to eat whatever's in it..."

Just better hope its not dog food!

vicki said...

aw, that's so sweet.

awesome tribute, John.

I should consider doing something like this, I can't count all of the rediculous things my father has done over the years...

Tim said...

Wow, I could totally picture George Liquor voicing your dad's entire response. Can't wait for the rest of this!

Timefishblue said...

Oh my god that's classic! Eating becomes an adventure.

Sherm said...

Love the cartoon drawings and especially Dad's response. This is the first time I ever got warm and fuzzy feelings from reading this blog ^_^ Happy Fathers Day, John's dad!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Your dad rocks, John.

Happy Fathers Day!

- trevor.

Dan Spilatro said...

"The rest of the story will appear in The George Liquor Program at the end of the year!"

are you saying that we are going to get a new cartoon by the end of the year!??!?!??!?!?!?!?

now i am really excited!!!!!!

David Gale said...

I love the cheapo naugahyde kitchen chairs!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Haw! This is an hilarious story, and your dad's letter was very touching!

The Butcher said...

I thought Slab and Ernie were George's nephews. Why'd he call him Dad?

Cool story though. If it's creamed corn in the can I'm going to feel very sorry for Slab and Ernie.

Adam T said...

Your dad's response is totally right. I'm with him 100%.

My father had a signature nutritional trick. When we had a bunch leftovers in the fridge that looked a bit unappetizing instead of giving them the toss he would make them into omelets. To him eggs and melted cheese could make anything delicious. So I'm no strager to green bean caserole omelets, chili omelets, and turkey and stuffing omelets with cranberry sauce on top.

The chili omelets were especially interesting because the chili was usually the first attempt at getting me and my younger sister to eat leftovers instead of Corn Pops. So they were like meta leftovers.

To this day I feel this overpowering guilt whenever I have to throw away food. I can see this apparition of my father looking at me with parental disapproval and calling me a 'tomatah head'.

That's good parenting right there.

PCUnfunny said...

Your Dad is right JK. Alot of peoples priorities are messed up. However, it's not ENTIRETLY people's fault. Gas is over $4.00 a gallon these days and a $600.00 stimulus check isn't going to do much for that. Anyway, enough of that, extend my father's day greetings to him from me. ;o)

ncross said...

Hey! You're dad still has that shelf full of cans! Me and Kristy got the guided tour, he was bragging how much money he saved buying all those cans so that he could invest in the stock market. It was very educational.

Kali Fontecchio said...

Your dad is such a responsible man!

lastangelman said...

1.)Hilarious moving tribute to your Dad and great response by him,too.

2.)Holy crap! My dad was also what you would call the frugal gourmet shopper. But no mystery meal for him! Long before the ubiquity of store cameras and the funhouse mirrors at the end of some food aisles, Dad would hit the non-label table, grab a dozen or so cans, then go down the aisles, grab a labeled can off the shelf, slip the label off, then whip out a felt tip marker and write on the can appropriate no-label price, and replace it with one of cans he snagged from non-label table. He remembered what each can had, so when we got home, he white-labeled and wrote the contents on each can.

One day, he almost got caught because some lousy whiny kid from my homeroom class saw him and started to "tattle" on my Dad. Thinking fast, I knocked over a can display of cream of mushroom soup that buried the lousy little squirt. But we never showed our face in that store again! Not that it mattered - we joined a price-club store later that week. Six month supplies of dried Lima beans, off brand cereal, mystery meat frankfurters and pounds and pounds of ground (65%) beef that got made into (mostly) meatloaf and burgers drenched in cream of mushroom soup - apparently he sent Mom in to the store with the no-label table to buy all those marked down newly dented cans of soup - yum!

Then again, Dad owned a proper boat and did charters, and brought home lots of fish and blue crab from Long Island Sound and Raritan Bay. He worked hard, loved to fish on the ocean and have a few stiff drinks, and wasn't afraid to use discipline.

3.)What could be inside George's mystery can? Prairie oysters? Too obvious ... Goat's head soup ... nah, we saw that in I Love Chicken ... Keith Richard's limey head consommé ... yeah, that's the ticket!

Hammerson said...

That's a terrific story, and your Dad's response gave it a completely new dimension.
Happy Father's Day to Michael! He's a very wise man. Can't wait to see the whole cartoon.

J. said...

Hi John!

I took a stab at drawing George's church

You don't have to publish this comment.

In regards to this post, true stories like this make for the best cartoon ideas. I love hearing about how strange other people's parents can be. Reminds me I'm not alone.

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...


You got $600 for your stimulus cheque? I just got mine on Saturday and it's for $300.

WTF am I going to do with that? With gas prices where they're at, and it being the government's fault, the checks should start at $1000 and the more money you make, the less the cheque should be.

Not like the IRS can't afford it. There's no gold in Fort Knox and they've been printing money without the gold to represent it for years. It's just paper.

Give us more paper!

- trevor.

Craig D said...

Your Dad puts the "can" in "Canadian!"

To quote that other famous Canadian, Lorne Greene, "It's Alpo Time!"

Anonymous said...

I wish they still allowed us to sell cans at my store without labels (and the dinged cans for half price)The amount of food grcoery stores throw out because a label falls off or because a can gets dinged is pathetic.

I'm not gonna say what I think was in the can because I think I'm right, and I don't wanna ruin the surprise.

By the way, I really like the letter your father wrote. I completely agree with him. I'm proud to say I don't play video games or own a cell phone and know the truth about leased cars and credit cards: THEY'RE A SCAM.

JonnyPlank said...

Freaking wicked.

Gabriele_Gabba said...

That's a really touching story John, i think i'd make a great cartoon! Your dad sounds like he has his on the right way!

Coppermouse Dolls said...

Thank you for sharing an absolutely charming story about your father. Sounds to me like he is quite inspirational.

Frank Macchia said...

haha..i love the stories inspired by your dad..."a visit to Anthony's house" was always one of my favs...could see a lot of my dad in how you depiced yours...whenever my sisters and i would see that piss ourselves laughing and quietly whisper "thats just like dad" and then look around in fear that he heard haha...ill def be lookin forward to seein whats in that can...even better will be seein Ernie eat whatevers in there haha

AAAAAAAAAAron J said...

about cans, this is no joke--just sick reality (and these cans were labeled!!!). in two different days, we opened up two cans: one spinach, one peaches. the contents of the spinach can were well-cooked and finally splashed onto my mom's plate. after she ate a little spinach, i realized a full yellow-bellied grasshopper was on-board, ready to be eaten. not the worst, however, the can of peaches was much worse. upon the nice plump peaches was a beautifully curled pubic hair--direct from the courteous factory!!!!

PCUnfunny said...

Trvour: I did not recieve a cheque since my mother claimed me as a dependent.

Anthony Rizzo said...

What yr dad wrote really got me thinking about my life and everything. Need to focus more. The can story is totally something my father did too. My dad also had a habit of telling us how much he paid for things for no reason at all. Knew the exact date and amount every time. There was an old stove in the garage that I bumped into with my bike once and he came over and gave me a 30 min sermon on the specs of the stove, history, and holiday meals my mom used it for, it went on and on and on. But I must say, I treated appliances with more respect from that day on. Thanks Dad!


perspex said...

my dad did the same thing - but we only did it ONCE! because you know what was in the can?
Lime Peach Halves... dyed emerald green...UGHHH... and we ate them all- it took a month...

Jennifer said...

Excellent story!

Some people would call your dad's opinions "old fashioned", but I call his opinions "common sense".

I'm in the States, and I'd vote for Mike K for president, even though he can never run. :(

Joseph said...

Make that cartoon John. It's funny because it's real.

perspex said...

it's nice that the sons are so well-groomed...kind of a refreshing change from luscious flowing-haired anime characters!

Jeff Read said...

That response is such a typical dad response.

That's what dads are for: to remind us how stupid we really are, even when we have careers and cars and hip urban lifestyles. I know mine exercises this sacred responsibility frequently.

HemlockMan said...

What a great dad you have!!!

Hernán G. Fuentealba said...

this post was wonderful to read, I loved your dad`s answer,I really agree with him in his concepts ,(and happily, I dont need to have a cell phone,inded, I dont even know how to use it), by the way your drawings ilustrated the story perfectly , I must admit that normaly I dont like , the cartoons with human characters , but I think that I would like to watch this one,... you know ...,one of the facts that I found interesting, it is that the protagonic is a mature/old character and neither a teen nor kid as common...

Fuzzy Duck said...

Man, I would've loved to have been there!

Ze [] said...