Monday, June 09, 2008

More George Liquor BG reference

George is definitely a God-Fearing Man as all Americans should be. God himself is a good buddy of George. He has a tab at George's liquor store. He's always bumming beer off him and George gives God fishing tips on their weekend getaways.
I don't what what denomination he is yet, some kind of
protestant I guess.


Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

God fearing Man? Considering what's going on these days I'll bet He does.

- trevor.

Pat McMicheal said...

I may have missed it in the passed, but is George a VETERAN?
Korean war perhaps?

Nate said...

Nos. 1, 5 an 6 have some camera perspective distortion.

Are you generally not a fan of this effect in BGs?

JohnK said...

perspective distortion is fine if it's generally consistent

no wonkiness! no windows going in different planes than walls, etc.

no inverted curves, like someone pinched the houses

look at all the ref I put in my BG posts

Taco Wiz said...

John, I've noticed that you have a secret blog called Spumco Book. Could you tell us more about this? Also, when are the presidential dolls being released? I must own an Obama!

Ted said...

George is clearly a Presb├╝thist.

Ed said...

What you really should do is a good 1800's wood church with a 1960's brown brick community center that looks totally out of place. The community center needs a big bronze cross on the side of the building with tan bricks framing the door, flat roof, grey aluminum overhang over the door, wood paneled walls, and really cheap looking linoleum floors that have a pattern printed onto them to hide the dirt.

HemlockMan said...

I never went into a church until I was about eight or nine. I was always scared to death of them. For good reason, as I soon learned. They are, indeed, very frightening places if you don't share the religious delusion.

SoleilSmile said...

What would the clean up line look like for the BG's John? Would you use simple planes for form or a bit of line as well?

Kris said...

The most God-fearing of the God-fearing Protestants are Baptists. Generally these are the folks most likely to take the Bible literally. There are also Bible churches which seem to be not too much different.

Lutherans are probably a little too formal for George, and Methodists are too liberal.

Jim Rockford said...

A God fearing man.
now thats a change of pace!
thats probably one of the reasons the network execs worry about this character,(I know Nick despised him)
he's too politically incorrect and he actually might say something based in reality! or act like a man and discipline a kid or kick a hippies butt.

Liberals wither in the face of morality and truth!

Too bad we dont have more real life George Liqour types around now.

If we did there wouldnt be all these metrosexual wussy guys trying to ovulate and get us all to make love to a redwood and drive a wind up plastic car.

and we'd still be drilling for our own oil instead of trembling in fear of displacing one caribou or moose.

damn hippies ruined everything.

I can picture George listening to "when they drop the atomic bomb" while building his shelter.
Nothing like a song about radition burning commies to the ground to cheer a guy up!

Are you worried the network execs might try to water him down? or do you have full control over the project like the Adult Party Cartoons?

the 5th church down from the top is great!

Taber said...

All the pews should be angled forward so it looks extra uncomfortable!

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

That second from the top church was beautiful. i wish there were more like that.

Rich said...

I definitely see George as a "Fire and Brimstone" Southern Baptist. Matches his personality. I like 1 or 6 for the church layout.

David Nethery said...

I figure ol' George may go to a good conservative Lutheran Church like the one that The Rev. Brig. Gen. C.F.W. Scuttlebutt attends:

Rev. Brig. Gen C.F.W. Scuttlebutt's web page

pappy d said...

Baptist is probably the funniest. For raw entertainment value, you can't beat megachurches. Some call their denomination just plain "Christian" & consider Catholics & Protestants heretics.

Does George believe the Jews killed Christ? As Protestant children, we were brought up to believe that it was the Romans.