Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chris Peterson's First Sculpt For Me

He did this great Jimmy in the 80s.

He based it on a 3/4 drawing I did of Jimmy, and actually sculpted it as if he was a 3/4 character. A really funny idea I thought.I'd love to make a bendy toy of this.


Caleb said...

That's really great, what kid wouldn't want one? He's cute and gross at the same time. I especially like his socks and leg freckles.

Alberto said...

Beautifully gross!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Does he have a poo surprise on his crotch?

David Gale said...

Golly, that's fetching! I can't decide which angle I like best.

Trevor Thompson said...

When did you take Jimmy out of the Rik Blastoff series and make him into an idiot?

- trevor.

Rick Roberts said...

Wow, it looks pretty frickin' scary.

eric said...

The crazy perspective reminds me of an old Mad article where kids designed their own christmas toys. It's a cool idea and it strangely works for this one.

diego cumplido said...

I love it.

Jimmy is my favorite of your characters, I like the slightly different look he's got in this toy. Retro in an honest way.

Nicol3 said...

ERIC, That link is amazing, I wish they do stuff like that now-a-days, wow.

I love how Jimmy's legs look like rotten potatoes, and his cheeks look like a spanked ass. And the strands of hair everywhere. It's beautiful.. *sniff*

HemlockMan said...

Good grief! That's hideous!!!!

smackmonkey said...

Nice sock garters.

Was Chris still using Sculpey (or whatever it was called)?

Niki said...

His legs look so diseased! Disney would have cried haha!

Jesse C said...

the moles and freckles made my skin crawl, I guess that means they're good

Shawn said...

That's disgusting.

Just the way I like it!

Nicolas Martinez said...

Boy, Jimmy has come a long way.

And Peterson's "3/4 drawing" sculpting technique is quite intriguing. Especially in the previous statuettes.

krakit said...

I love how the character has
so much going on all over.
Even though it's static my
eye is traveling all over it
checking out the wild fingers,
the exposed calves, the red
bow tie, etc.. I'm not sure
what's going on at the crotch.
Is that a fig leaf on the outside
of his pants? or is it a wet spot?
or . . what is it?

Anyway the face definitely steals
the show (which it should in my
opinion), but that hasn't held
you back from making the rest
of him interesting also.

Alterego said...

Now that's funny. It's like the toy you remember, not the one you had.

+1 on:

"Retro in an honest way."

Ivan D said...

I didn't realise Jimmy had been around for so long. I love this toy.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Haw! Hilarious! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw these!