Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Kali's 200th!

No, she's not 200 years old, but she has now made 200 posts of fun cartoons, doodles, paintings and wacky stuff in general.

Go take a gander. Maybe you can get her to sell off some of her precious cartoony pictures.
They range from the super girly to the just plain silly, to the
baby room -cute to the
..wackyto the monstrously inventive

to her shamelessy degrading caricatures

Where does she get all the goofy ideas from? Probably the bizarre company she keeps...

I gotta say, that is some range of styles and imagination. The girl never seems to run out of new shapes.Yikes! Nightmare time!

Cute relief...

Later today...Hierarchy 2 - the facial expression