Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eyes 2: HIERARCHY -3 EYE AREA - eyebrows, irises, wrinkles

I could probably make 10 posts just about eyes, but here's a primer.

Like all constructed objects, eyes and eyebrows follow a hierarchy.

Pupils sit on the eyeballs. So do the irises. The irises follow the pupils where ever they travel on the eyeballs, so they all have to relate to each other and be in agreement.
Daffy's pupils are not exactly the same shape as the eyeballs, but they sit along the same path the eyes take.

Sorry for the wiggly lines. I'm trying to draw directly on the computer and I don't have as much dexterity as I do with a pencil.
Eyebrow wrinkles are folds of flesh; they aren't just floating lines.

Eyes, eyebrows and wrinkles are all related...Smee's eyebrow wrinkles are very carefully drawn in perspective; they aren't parallel to his eyebrows.
Hook's eye and eyebrow details follow the forms of his eyeballs and expression.
Woody's pupils are pulling the eyes and irises along with them.

The Warner Bros. animators also use this logic, although their inking is not always as careful as Disney's. So the final details sometimes float a little.When drawing cute girls, I avoid drawing the eyebrow wrinkles unless the girl is making an extreme expression.
I try to make the eyeballs bulge out no matter what angle we see her from - even from the front. I do it by the way I draw the shapes of the pupils and irises riding the eyeballs. Note that I don't use perfect ovals or symmetry. That would make the characters look dead or robotic.
These are Katie's designs but my poses. All drawn with hierarchy in mind.

See Eye theories at work in this here post:


-jjmm- said...

Are you working on George Liquor for TV¿?

Anonymous said...

"The Irises need to wrap around the pupils. they do not need to be the same shape as the pupils or irises, as long as they follow the same form forms and positions of the eyeballs"


Back to the lesson---

Anonymous said...

YES! The eye theory post I've been waiting for!

Elana Pritchard said...

Hey John! I saw a chihuahua in a sweater at the Mardi Gras dog parade today- there was also a blood thirsty pit bull dressed up as the joker and all these children were petting it...

I did a woody woodpecker study where I tried really hard to do the construction properly- if you are not too busy to take a peek

woody and son

Ben Forbes said...

This is a very helpful post. I'm still working on some construction drawings.

About those girls at the bottom. I found this: Click!

What happened with this show idea?
I'd love to see some of those finished designs only bigger!

Any chance you could post some?

Niki said...

Good Lord,
I've been wanting to say this for a while. Whenever you draw one of Katie's designs you add some kind of subtle grossness! I can't see it but it's there looking at me! But for some reason when yo make your own girls I like them better...

Now to apply the theory!

Pasquale said...

These are great! Thanks for writing about this. I know a lot of it is common sense, but a lot of it gets overlooked when drawing. I swear I learn more here than I'd ever learn in my animation degree (which is why I'm leaving it!).

It would be super handy and informative to see what you have to say about the mouth cavity. Some ideas to stop them looking like they are just slipping along the face would be great!

Williaint said...

I loved the way the eye's of birds and reptiles are typically laid out; I used to copy that style when I was young.

David said...

I thought you always wanted the pupil to stay in the eye. In the last layoutdrawing of George the pupils stick out of the eye!

JohnK said...

I only do that on very rare occasions, and make sure the pupil and eye are aimed in the same direction.

Thunderrobot said...

Interesting... I don't think i have ever thought about where i place pupils before.

Hey John, I know this is such an amateur question, but what kind of pencil do you use? You should make a pencil post.

Anonymous said...

"eyebrows are thick in the middle of the forehead and thin and pointy"

But John, my eyebrows are thin in the middle of the forehead and thick and bushy at the temples. I think lots of people's are.

If your character is a caricature of someone with eyebrows like mine, is it right to draw them this way?

JohnK said...

Hi Jorge

I should have said "in general"

even I draw exceptions, like some of the girl eyebrows I draw

Anonymous said...

Thanks, John!

Azzamckazza said...

I'm sure you've heard tis a million times, but these lessons are awesome.

Forgive me if this has already been done - but are you thinking of doing a primer on hands? IF you could do some good detailed posts on hands I would be eternally grateful. They've always been a source of confusion and frustration for me.

Anonymous said...

If I may,


John K.'s Animation School, Lesson 5 - HANDS

Kaydesi said...

I completely agree with the request for hands!

chrisallison said...

Hurray for eye theory posts! Most important part of the drawing, I think.

Rick Roberts said...

What has helped me alot with my character expressions in my drawings is studying the muscular stuctures of the human body, it helps alot.

Kyle said...

like Jimm at the top of these comments, I too would like to know what your doing with George liquor. you've been at this for a long time, but I still don't have a clue if this is meant to be some type of exclusive web series, a tv series, or direct to dvd. what is it? Do you even know yourself? maybe your just making it with the hopes someone, anyone, will pick it up? Any idea when we'll be able to watch an episode?

Anyway, I agree about a post discussing hands. those are always good.

Jude said...

That dog's goddamned jowles look like testicles.