Friday, February 27, 2009

Shorts Program Goals Headings

To Discover Talent

To Find A Director with Experience as Well as Raw Talent

To Surround the Director with like minded supporting talent

TO DEVELOP AN EFFICIENT PRODUCTION SYSTEM that allows the talent to flourish


To Give Cartoonists Real Experience

To Bring Back Apprentice System and develop the talent

TO DISCOVER AND DEVELOP STAR CHARACTERS - ICONS that last and make money in other media

To Build a Studio Personality or Style (“branding”)

TO DEVELOP NEW TECHNIQUES - TO PROGRESS and compete with slower more backwards studios


Make The Same Old Corporate Hippie Mistakes


Destroy the incentive to work your way up the chain

Expect a Revolution Every Week

These are just some of the topics I'll cover a bit at a time...


Geneva said...

Will this sort of thing ever happen again?

Oh, P.S.: I studied that "Solid Ivory" walk.

If you have a moment any time, some critique would be more than appreciated. I know that frame 2 is off, but the whole thing sort of feels wrong, like it moves too fast, jerks around a bit. I hope maybe that I can fix my mistakes and understand more, probably study another cycle before I go onto work on my own attempt at a cycle.

Thank you so much!

Geneva said...

Woops. I simply misplaced one of the files, accounting for one of the missing frames. The other one I'll need a little bit to fix, but I'm gonna try to do it before I go to bed in a couple of hours. Thanks, John.

krakit said...

Preach it, John!
Hopefully everyone will listen

Niki said...

Expect a revolution every week?
They should expect it if there gonna suck the whole time. Hearing it like this makes it a wonder how were they used to be studios with values and skill. Maybe the rest of us should build or own underground studios? Make commercials better than most TV shows.

Mr.K since so many fans are dedicated to really fixing Television can you ask some of the more talented kids to make Youtube commercials for you and ASIFA? Cause I have some plans in mind but they can't be initiated yet.

Rick Roberts said...

You should emphasize on developing a character.Characters like Bugs, Daffy, and Elmer Fudd all started out completely different then what they eventually became. You can even see examples in live action. One that pops into my head is Edith Bunker. In her early appearances she was actually sarcastic before she became the more submissive to Archie.

abowler said...

I might sound stupid... but what exactly is a "Shorts Program"?

I'm an Aussie, so might use different terminology.

Lohenhart said...

Im a student and in my school we did a short program. I designed most of the characters, but the animators destroyed them. Now, I hate the short and my characters. What I learnt is that although you have great characters, you must find animators who really understand them (Not only the classic "model sheet). When I tried to animate them, and make more expressive, they told me: "Hey, man, they are Off model, the eyes dont look like this!."
Finally, I got really tired and did what they say. Really frustrating.

Frankie said...

I'd like to hear more about what those hippie corporate mistakes are. Damn hippies!

Anonymous said...

John, I know you think Seibert's attempt at a shorts program at CN ("What-a-cartoon! but retitled Cartoon Cartoons! years later) was only somewhat successful, but what did you think of his idea to air every pilot short they made and then have the viewers vote for which they wanted made into a series? The one with the most votes winning automatically?

This system gave us the series "Billy & Mandy," "Megas XLR" and "Sheep in the big city" and others.

One one hand, you could say that was democratic and giving fans what they wanted...

On the other hand, you could say that defeats the idea that units should grow together under one director, and that it didn't leave any rooms for directors to make mistakes.

Was that a failed experiment?

HemlockMan said...

What do you mean by "Corporate Hippie Mistakes"? And what is a "Corporate Hippie"? Just curious...

David Germain said...

Hemlock, I know exactly what John K. is talking about. This Frank Zappa interview should help clear things up.

BlackCrow said...

I should print this out and stick it up at work!!

Gabriele_Gabba said...

Can't wait!

I especially agree with the,

"TO DEVELOP AN EFFICIENT PRODUCTION SYSTEM that allows the talent to flourish"

HemlockMan said...

Thanks, David! That clears that up! Maybe a new Shakespeare should say, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the corporate hippies."

Damian said...

thanks for the lessons!

from sudamerica argentina