Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big House Blues 3 - Lynne - Stimpy About To Cough Up a Hairball

Here's a scene that was split between Lynne Naylor and me. She did Stimpy's about to puke cycle.
I drew all of Ren's spaz poses, but honestly don't remember if I did the breakdowns. That might have been Lynne.

Stimpy's cycle intensifies here. I found the perfect stomach bubbling sound effect from one of the guys who used to do the sound editing for the 3 Stooges.

I did Stimpy trying to hold in his puke here.


patrick said...

I just noticed a few days ago (after 17 years of watching this) that Stimpy does let a little bit of puke out, and Ren's eyes follow it, haha!

Ian Andersen said...

Those poses are hillarious, but the end, does he actually do it? I can only imagine how disgustingly appealing it would look. The anticipation is killing me.

Also, this post is showing up as happening at 5:11 in the morning on Saturday (the 16th) but today is only Thursday 10:25 central 8:25 pacific, is this how you're always so far ahead of everyone John? Do you live in the future? Do we ever fix the cartoon economy? Are there flying cars?

Alex said...

How do you find a balance between a wierd, yet funny drawing that works and one that's insincere, and/or amature-ish? Is our mission in this business to create a unique expression and NEVER draw it again? Makes sense to me.

Andrew Mortlock said...

Oh man this is easily my favourite Ren & Stimpy moment. It's completely absurd.


Is anyone else having trouble opening the links to view the movie files??
Thanks in advance for any ideas on how circumvent the problem.

JohnK said...

Hi Mike

try again

I fixed the problem. My fault again.

Sven Hoek said...

"Don't do eet man!"

HA HA HA !!!!!!

Oh, those drawings are funny! They split my sides the first time I saw them and I am chucking again looking at them in stills.

You kill me John,


Shawn Dickinson said...

Those are the best puckered lip drawings in all of cartoon history.

I wore out the pause button when this cartoon came out on dvd. It never stops blowing my mind!

Rudy Tenebre said...

Stimpy holding his puke is beautiful, and yet you denigrate pathos! Clearly in those expressions, it is there!

Anonymous said...

wow, man. some of the most hilarious poses go by so fast you barely notice 'em.

haha this is genius.

Chip Butty said...

I always wondered why Ren is spazzing out in this scene before he even notices Stimpy about to wharf, but if it was just funny drawings for their own sake, I'll understand.

Trevor Thompson said...

I just watched this cartoon in a dark room with a gigantic screen and crystal clear sound.

That's the way to see this cartoon! I hope the rumor is true about LA being a place where you can still see cartoons in a theatre.

- trevor.

Rick Roberts said...

That 8th picture is awesome, ren's eyes bulging out like that.

I also like the new avatar John.

Whit said...

This is one case where drawings surpass live action. Red Skelton had a favorite mime bit where he filled his cheeks with vomit, then swallowed it, always inducing simultaneous laughs and groans from his audience. As good as he was, this tops it. Nothing a human can do can surpass your level of cartoon exaggeration.