Friday, May 29, 2009

Ranger's Wife part 2

Ranger Smith shows up at Wifey's door with flowers and candy. "Boy, what a suprise this'll be!" He says as he rings the doorbell.

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coolhand said...

Hey John,
I am a big fan, and I was wondering what you think of the "Prince and the Cobbler."

Trevor Thompson said...


You're thinking of 'The Princess and The Cobbler'.

'The Thief and The Cobbler', which is the original version that never got finished due to studio heads not knowing anything about art, is a much better watch.

Unfortunately, it will never see the light of day. John doesn't seem to like Richard Williams very much, but the 'Princess and The Cobbler' is not an accurate example of his work ( like how 'Nurse Stimpy' isn't an accurate example of John's ).

It exists purely because when 'Thief' wasn't finished, they hired a Saturday morning cartoon animation director named Fred Calvert to come along, add dialogue ( it was largely music and visual gags ), celebrity voices, stupid songs, and generally dumb the whole thing down.

However, if you see a DVD at a store claiming to be 'TTATC', don't be fooled. It's one of two fakes. There's one with crummy animation made to fill up the holes, so to speak, and then there's the one Calvert did. Both are horrid.

The only two versions of the original that exist are available on the internet. There's Williams' original work print ( made moments before getting his life's work - the movie - stolen from him by Warner Bros. execs ) and there's a version called 'The Thief and The Cobbler ( Recobbled Cut )' made by a fan filmmaker / animator named Garret Gilchrist.

To watch either you have to know a thing or two about torrents, spot it in one of it's brief periods of existence on YouTube before getting taken down by copyright watchdogs, or know Garret personally.

I don't know if this link still works, but give it a shot.If you liked 'Princess', you aint seen nuthin' yet.

- trevor.

PS: Check out my blog for more info about 'The Thief and The Cobbler' and Richard Williams.

Thomas said...

I don't know if Ranger Smith would have that much of a hold over a girl that she would wait ten years. Would it work better as a dream? Mary representing his fears about nature getting out of control?

Did Ranger Smith ever have a love interest in the original Yogi?

Nate said...

bah!! for some reason i'm having trouble posting comments over at your HB blog.

anyway - great story. it's a natural.

are you planning to have him go through trials and tribulations to get home to his wifey? (e.g. swim through gopher infested waters)

Roy_demeo said...

I am surprised to hear that john doesn't have much of a liking to richard williams. Richard Williams thinks John is excellent. I love Johns animation, humor, and thoughts but Richard Williams is a flat out hero of mine.

Jim Smith said...

These story sketches are always my favorite part of cartoons. They contain the first raw energy from brain. The storyboards for George Liquor Pontiac show are prime examples. I wonder would it be ok to see those on the blog? The table biting scene is the one most fascinating to me.

Jim Smith said...

Thomas, I think he was mad about a fellow Ranger. One of my favorite Mighty Mouse episodes was the one with the Ranger party in the fire-spotter's tower.

Thomas said...

Thanks Jim

rodineisilveira said...

Johnny K.,

This Ranger Smith design which you drew, seems like the Tony Rivera's Ranger Smith design from the early 60s.