Saturday, May 02, 2009

Skipping Chicken - Solid Ivory

Here's a funny skipping action.
Here's the pattern:

Left foot one beat Right foot one beat float one beat
Right Foot one beat Left Foot one beat Float one beat
Repeat to the music
If it looks like there are a couple of jerks in there, it's probably from the transfer from 30x/sec to 24x/sec and it dropped the odd frame and repeated another.

In the middle of the musical sequence he floats for a couple beats, then starts the cycle again.

I like how the chicken has bloomers on under her feathers at the beginning of the scene, but somehow slipped them off during the skip, so she could give you a little peek at where eggs come from.

You can still frame through it here:


Ted said...

I think the walk just isn't that funny. The head is moving too much/too quickly, and the floaty parts of the walk don't work (for being either funny or convincing). Woody being dragged across the floor by the door, on the other hand, looks great and is very funny.

Tom said...

The skip works but there is some strange stuff going on with the head. What was the animator thinking when he or she moved the head forward without a cushion on either end when the chicken ascended to the nest?

Anonymous said...

What about the funniest, most creative, chicken animation ever? The chicken dance in Swing You Sinners!

Anonymous said...

Well this is just too cute :3.

I can't stop repeatedly watching it :D.

But, hmm... the bobbing of the head is kinda wonky. But that's what you expect from old cartoons right?

patrick said...

I think the head-bobbing is great! Everything in this scene captures the specific feelings of the mother chicken at that moment.

JohnK said...

Yeah, I love the head bobbing. It goes right to the music too.

David Bernal said...

Love your animation analisis!! soo awesome!! thanks John!
I am curious about the music, how did it fit in the animators workflow and in the making of the cartoon? I am fascinated over how pleasing it feels how everything matches!

Kasey said...

This is La Verne Harding's animation. Sadly, when you watch cartoons as much as I do, you learn to spot an animator's work with a single frame. I need another hobby...

Jack G. said...
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smbhax said...

Best part of this is definitely Woody being completely demolished. ;D

Claudio Acciari said...

Hi John, sorry if I'm out of topic, I would like to have your opinion about the work of Hayao Miyazaki.

Anonymous said...

It's criminal how little study there has been of the Lantz studio! You're literally the only one who's ever analyzed this SCENE, and it was made 60+ years ago! A few young ruffians around the internet pretend to do what you do, but it's nowhere near in depth as you, and it doesn't come from a place as knowledgeable as your brain, John. This is the greatest blog ever.

"I think the walk just isn't that funny. The head is moving too much/too quickly, and the floaty parts of the walk don't work (for being either funny or convincing). Woody being dragged across the floor by the door, on the other hand, looks great and is very funny."

How would you know?

Ted said...

Because I watched it.

Lluis said...

Yeah I like the bobbing of the head, it's in time!!! and gives it a real lively feeling to the action. she's funny!!!

:: smo :: said...

one of the little side arguments/discussions i feel like i get into a lot is about the usefulness of bar sheets and x-sheets. i've never been on a project where either were used or consideration was taken. musical timing is always done by scrobbing back and forth through the flash [or whatever program] timeline and matching to what you hear.

that takes so much time! and animation is built in such a way that it's really easy to time things out for audio if you do it right.

animating with a tempo/frames per beat in mind is totally important and i wish i knew of a studio in new york who thought so, so i could start heckling them to work with them.

in the meantime it's trying to get through my bs freelance so maybe i can work out some stuff on my own.

thanks for the post!

and i like the head.

:: smo :: said...

whoa i just realized you had a label for timing to beats! awesome! i'll read the back log. also i really like some of the stuff at for converting tempos to frames and whatnot.

Sven Hoek said...

oh yea, the head bobbing to the music is precious. Very funny little chicken dance.

Woody sliding out the door was pretty good too.

Jack G. said...


(I reposted this because I saw my links running into each other.)

Could you check out some of my construction practices?
(I paid my tuition!)

Go as critical as you want.
The more problems/mistakes you point out, the more I can learn from it. if I'm being redundant.


Jack G.

Professor_chai said...

The folds on the chicken are done so well! I don't find there to be a problem with the jerky head movements. If you've ever noticed a bird move its head before, it looks like there aren't any inbetweens. I have no idea how birds do it!

PS: My mom got baby chickens! They are going to look like this when they get older!