Sunday, May 24, 2009

Amir Inked Jinks

Amir Avni inked a sketch I did of Pixie, Dixie and Mr. Jinks, so I colored it for fun.

I think I will do a bunch of color variations, put 'em on my HB site and try to come up with some color theories to discuss.


Amir Avni said...

Glad you like the inking John

The coloring's great, it has the vintage look of your toy collection.
Looking forward to the next variations and theories :)

Thanks for posting

Mitch K said...

Beautiful! I'd expect no less from Amir's lines.

Larry Levine said...

Amir, Beautiful inking!!!

Niki said...

I really like Pixie & Dixie in this, I could never tell them apart though. I didn't pay any attention to their clothes.

Trevor Thompson said...

I love hearing color theories!

Geneva said...

Awesome work, Amir!

I actually had already planned on inking Quickdraw tomorrow. Fun stuff!

Hans Flagon said...

The two tone mouse reminds me of when this used to happen in HB shows by mistake.

Is it a good thing to be distracted by a non-intended color shift?

I have a bit of nostalgic warmth for this paint error when it happened, as probably does John, or he would not have done so himself. But is that the same John that dislikes the letter U for closed eyes making it into Ren and Stimpy just because it was quick shorthand in a layout? A mistake becoming a stylism?

HemlockMan said...


That there' purty