Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last Bamm Bamm and the Beauty Of Variations Upon A Style

Here are the last paintings from the Norm McGary book.

I love how old cartoon paintings have so many varieties of styles and approaches.Each painter will take the basic studio style-in this case Hanna Barbera, and do his own own particular variation on it.
These last 3 are Mel Crawford and use a very different approach to design and painting than the Bamm Bamm comic.

Nowadays we only have 2 cartoon illustration painting styles - the video box airbrush style, which is not a style at all, and the faux Mel Crawford Golden book style that started in the last decade and a half.

I'll post more of those Crawford books soon.


Joseff!!1 said...

Awesome paintings as always, I got one question, at the end of the post when you say "airsbrushed video box art" what do you mean exactly? Can you give us an example?

Kali Fontecchio said...

I love seeing these in their original state!

I've been comparing my first printing and second printing of that first Flintstones golden book by Mel Crawford. The colors become slightly less saturated in the second printing.

Hans Flagon said...

So do any of the recent faux retro golden books hold up in the least, such as those that Pixar has put out?

What I see that is new seem to strike me, at a glance, as having a limited pallette, and looking as if the may have been done in a vector illustration program, like Illustrator or Flash.

The last forty years have been overtaken by abstract expressionism and minimalism in a not particularly good way, just as in the way there is little style or skill amongst newspaper cartoonists during the same period.

JohnK said...

They look a lot better than the airbrush thing, but my point is that there used to be more variety.

I think everyone knows Mary Blair and now a few people know Mel Crawford, so that's who they emulate.

I'd love to see lots of styles and approaches again.

Kali Fontecchio said...

I think he's referring to:

This type of thing, and this as well.

ArtF said...

heya John.
this is off-topic but, nice 'burns in your new pic. i believe all cartoonists should have some kind of interesting facial-type hair.

Thomas said...

The HB illustrations have complex spaces, interesting overlapping planes. Its nice how the featured characters are a little hidden in these landscapes. You have to kind of enter the picture, and look through stuff, to find them.

The Flintstones are much more superficial, but not in a bad way. They're just more on the surface.

mike f. said...

I thought it was the Fake Milt Kahl style, the Even more dumbed-down UPA style, and the 80s airbrushed Garfield calendar style.

Or, simply put: "pointy", "flat" and "metallic". (To an executive, that trumps "warm", "rounded" and "organic" every time.)

Mitch K said...

Oh wow, those are original paintings! They must be delicious up close.

Niki said...

I really love the Mel Crawford with little "F" Flintstone. I don't think I got to read the book but I loved the pictures!

Trevor Thompson said...

Ugh, why can't they get better artists to design those Looney Tunes discs?

Zorrilla said...

I love the rocks in the Boo-Boo one.