Friday, May 22, 2009

Mike F HB Toy Treats

Here is Yogi Man with realistic human hands.
And realistic proportions.
Yogi helps children learn something important.

Yogi in multicolor suit with blood soaked lips.
Can you name these favorite childhood characters?
I think that's Quick Draw McGiraffe on the right there.


Peter said...

That bucket-pail is interesting...the MGM characters, Tom and Jerry and Spike, combined with the H-B characters from the early 60's...obviously intentionally off-model.
Funny that they are all Hanna-Barbera characters.

Trevor Thompson said...

Does Mike buy all of these things now at auctions and stuff, or was he just one of the few kids that kept his toys in good condition?

- trevor.

Ted said...

The bucket characters look like '40s Terrytoons comics. Weird.

mike f. said...

Human Flesh Yogi. I don't know if the upside-down crucifix has any significance - but it's a nice touch, eh?

Caleb said...

Who's that last one, McGrouffe the crime dog?

Maybe the characters got into a time machine set to the year 2000 and came out bland.

-I blame Yorgi the bear.

Niki said...

Of course Yogi got blood soaked lips.

I guessed every body on the bucket I saw:

Spike(I've been calling him Butch for some time)
Quick Draw Mcgraw (???)
Hong Kong Fooey (?I suppose?)

OWEN said...

Stuffed Yogi's pose is genius.

Pilsner Panther said...

Disney has gone way overboard in controlling the licensing of its characters with an iron fist, but some of these Hanna-Barbera toys give you an idea why they might have been right. You'll never see a Mickey or Donald toy that doesn't look anything like Mickey or Donald, or an animal character puppet with human hands, either.

But it could be that the pail is an unauthorized knockoff, since only "Huck" resembles the genuine article... at all.

Pete Emslie said...

That first photo is actually of G.I. Joe in a bear costume. I always suspected Joe was a secret "furry"...

Mitch Wallace said...

Hey John K! I stumbled across your blog the other day (didn't even know you HAD a blog) and was ecstatic when I did so. I grew up on Ren & Stimpy and still think it's one of the best cartoons ever to grace television. Thanks for creating such an awesome show! I'll be sure to follow your blogging from now on.

Anonymous said...

oww that yogi is so much cute