Monday, May 18, 2009

Big House Blues Spumco 4 - Hwarf "I'm Covered In Hairballs"

When I was first doing storyboards for TV studios they had a theory that you should keep cutting every 2 0r 3 seconds to a new camera distance or angle. This was to "keep something happening" on the screen. I guess it was because there was nothing happening on the screen in the actual drawings or action.
Stimpy swallows his first wad of hairballs

This is all one long scene- the same one from the last 3 posts or so. I've had scenes in my cartoons that were a minute long, just because I had no reason to cut away from what was happening in a certain shot. I did cut in on Stimpy's face to show a close up of him trying to keep from letting out his hairballs, just because I thought it would build more suspense, but otherwise it's all a continuous animated scene from the same angle.

Ever have tears in your eyes after swallowing some nasty puke?
One more dry heave cycle...
He's really trying to keep in his hairballs, and Ren is getting nervous....

I made a little cycle of Stimpy's "hwarfing", and timed it 3 different ways for him to puke up 3 different hairballs on Ren.

Nickelodeon saw this scene already animated and colored and asked asked me to add a line of dialogue explaining what all the stuff was on Ren. They didn't want the audience to think it was poo or puke. So I added the line "I'm covered in Hairballs". That's why there is no mouth movement.

**BTW, TWITTER: Someone is pretending to be me on Twitter. I don't even know what a Twitter or a "tweet is" so don't fall for it.


Trevor Thompson said...

I love these drawings, especially those inbetweens!

So was the impetus for Big House Blues selling Ren and Stimpy, or was BHB produced after you had gotten the show?

Also, is it true you told Nickelodeon that the show was much different than you'd planned just they would buy it?

- trevor.

Franky said...

I still own the t-shirt based on this scene. Unfortunately the hairballs ain't puffy anymore.

Trevor Thompson said...

The best thing about seeing BHB these days is that now I can see most of the influences you've talked about on this blog, and now they're obvious.

It's kind of like running into an old childhood friend, and seeing them all grown up. Kind of.

- trevor.

Gregg said...

Some great drawings in there.

Quick question, is that a coloring mistake, or is that actually both hands on a few frames?

Love these BHB posts!

Chris Rank said...

Thanks so much for your blog, I've not had much time to comment lately (work, three kids a wife and a dog take up 99.9% of my time) but It's inspiring and refreshing to always know I'll get a laugh and get my creative tanks refilled here.


Niki said...

I've only had throat burn after the almost puke. It happens a lot more now than it did when I was younger.

sharprm said...

What a Twatter!

C. A. M. Thompson said...

I liked how he said "I'm covered in hairballs" with no mouth animation. I thought it was an homage to Popeye.

chris said...

hey John.

i want to come clean. im the creator of im a HUGE fan of yours. that is why i made your twitter in the first place.

i want to give you your twitter account and i hope i didnt offend you in any way by creating it.

im just a huge fan of your work and i have bought almost everything ren and stimpy (i even own many of the comic books.)

like i said im a huge fan and i would be honored if you accepted the twitter account. id love to show you what a 'tweet' is! please let me know what you think.


Tony said...

I love how Stimpy's toes curl up right before he pukes.

smbhax said...

Speaking for myself, I tend to cut every two or three seconds because I can't actually animate characters all that well.


Kind of like how pro wrestling or old made-for-TV movies cut right before a punch lands, to hide the fact that it doesn't actually get closer than a few inches to its target!

I do like exploring how to manipulate the impact of a scene through different camera angles. And trying to draw characters in extreme foreshortening from weird directions has always been a fatal hobby of mine.

But its mostly to hide the absence of actual character animation!

HemlockMan said...

"That's why there is no mouth movement."

That's hilarious!!

ArtF said...

aha, i always wondered why that line had no mouth animation. these back stories and breakdowns are great.

booleanspline said...

Its great to see the all the things you talk about in action. Framing through this there wasnt one drawing that wasnt not funny. Bravo.

JohnK said...

"i want to give you your twitter account and i hope i didnt offend you in any way by creating it."

Hi Chris

I'm not sure I need a Twitter account. But how do I get ahold of you?

Raff said...

My advice is to stay away from Twitter. One more reason to sit in front of the computer is too many.