Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Bottleneck Sitting on Eggs - scene cuts and animator switches - 2

I'm not sure who this animator is. He moves things wonderfully but the drawings are kind of crude.

Here's a real weird cut in the middle of the scene- to Rod Scribner.

Now the animation gets really manic.

This is a great gag - all visual.

This held pose just before Daffy whacks him suggests that the caricatured silhouetted poses of Daffy VS the rounded poses of Porky from the Izzy Ellis scene were planned, rather than a lucky accident.

Now it looks like a different animator again.

This Daffy run/scramble cycle is amazing. It looks disconnected when you see it frame by frame but it moves perfectly at 24x per second.

Another crazy idea in a cartoon full of them.

Tons Of Crazy Action