Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chloe does HB

Chloe is one of the most naturally talented of the young artists who frequent my blog to do exercises.She's been doing studies of WB characters and has now decided to try her hand at HB.
I sometimes think it's harder to learn the HB style than the WB style - because it is based on the WB style (so you have to know all that) yet takes some clever liberties in construction and perspective - not on every apsect of every pose, but just in limited areas to help the design. It's hard to know what's on purpose and what might be just a rushed animation drawing.
Maybe Chloe can upload the frame grabs she based these studies on and I can give a critique on some of them.
I recognize most of these poses - that Barney on the left above is from a Carlo Vinci scene.
One important aspect of the HB style is balance of negative VS positive spaces.

I'll give an in depth critique later if Chloe gives me some originals these are based on.