Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Here's the weirdest scene cut I've seen.

Before the cut Clampett anticipates that something weird is going to happen by having the bonds bag throb and shrink into infinity.
Then the hammock rolls up.

The walls begin to quiver

and then morph into a completely different scene, but Hook is still there

The WAY it morphs is really controlled and fun too - it isn't just inbetweened from one background to another as in many independent stoner animated films you see in animation festivals.

and then Hook's take when he discovers he is in a different place is amazing

The 40s was a great time for experimentation and especially in the Clampett unit. Clampett would come up with crazy ideas out of nowhere and just try them - but them execute them so skillfully that they cause a really arresting visual effect that adds to the entertainment.

This scene leads to another series of genius cuts and accents that show just what a director can do in animation if he has skill, boldness and imagination. Almost any other director would have been just too cautious and conservative to take things to this level of imagination in so short a sequence. I'll post that later